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Interactive Digital Tools

Milestone is creating and sharing digital tools to help marketers make decisions that produce results. The resources below will help you decide what you need to do individually and as a marketing organization. Check back as we plan to add new tools every quarter.
Schema Validator

Schema Validator

A free and easy-to-use tool to test the authenticity of your website schema and ensure they are error-free forever

Marketing Roadmap

Digital Marketing Roadmap

This editable digital marketing roadmap covers all the major areas and programs. Milestone uses it to organize and amplify customer marketing for optimal results. Download the editable PowerPoint version today and get your plan ready to pitch and execute.

ROI Calculator

Schema ROI Calculator

Will advanced schemas pay off for your website? Find out in 2 minutes with the Schema ROI Calculator. Just fill in 5 data points and it will tell you what kind of a return you can expect to see.

Schema ROI Calculator is available for Banks, Auto, HospitalityProperty, and Healthcare

Schema Certification Quiz

Schema Certification Quiz

Do you think you know schemas for SEO? Find out in about 10 minutes how much you know or need to learn. If you don't get a good score, there is a study guide to help you bone up to try again.

EAT Estimator

E-A-T Estimator

EAT stands for Expertise, Authority, and Trust. These are the major criteria the Google algorithm is using to score and rank content. Human raters are also reviewing sites for these three criteria. It's a lot to evaluate, so Milestone has developed an EAT Estimator for help you figure out how you are doing and what you can do next to improve.

EAT Estimator available for Banks, Auto, HospitalityProperty, and Healthcare

Digital Marketing Guides

Digital Marketing Guides

Milestone guides help digital marketers generate results. Below you will find insights on content marketing, paid media, videos and YouTube, reviews, and more. Check back as Milestone will continue to provide guidance on the issues most of interest to marketers.

Use these guides to onboarding and training, building buy-in, and as a step-by-step resource to guide you and your team.

Free Local Listings Checker

Free Local Listings Checker

Are you losing traffic because your business is not showing up correctly in the top directories?

Check now with Milestone's Free Instant Local Scan of Google Local, Google My Business, Bing, Yelp, Facebook, Foursquare, CitySearch, Manta, and more.

It will report the presence of your listing and the consistency of your Name, Address, and Phone number. Report will be ready in 30 seconds.

FAQ Evaluator

FAQ Evaluator

FAQs help move customers along the digital journey—from the beginning, through the middle, and to transaction. FAQs with advanced schemas have also been shown to improve organic content performance. Evaluate your FAQ level of advancement with this resource.

FAQ Evaluator is available for Banks, Auto, HospitalityProperty, and Healthcare

Speed ROI Calculator

Speed ROI Calculator

Speed is integral to digital experience. Multiple studies have shown that improvements in speed will increase conversion. Find out how much speed could lift your results with this interactive resource.

Speed ROI Calculator is available for Banks, Auto, HospitalityProperty, and Healthcare

Digital Marketing Guides

GMB Evaluator

Google My Business is integral and critical to successful local marketing. 2020 saw a rapid expansion in GMB features and increased impression and traffic impact. Evaluate your GMB readiness with this interactive calculator.

GMB Evaluator is available for Banks, Auto, HospitalityProperty, and Healthcare

AMP ROI Calculator

AMP Calculator

AMP is an open-source HTML framework defined by Google to enhance mobile content consumption in the search results and to help web pages load faster.

AMP Calculator is available for Banks, Auto, Hospitality, Property, and Healthcare

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