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Reputation Management Software For Hotels, Retail and Banks

Are you staying on top of your reviews and your reputation?  Did you know that 74% of consumers trust a business more if it has positive reviews? Milestone Reviews is the award-winning online reputation management software created exclusively for location-based businesses. Monitor reviews and social media and interact with consumers quickly and efficiently.  Because your reputation matters.
Integrated View - Reviews and Social Media Channels
Multi-Channel View
Milestone Reviews is your integrated dashboard for social media and review sites. Facebook, Twitter, blog mentions, videos and photo sharing sites - over 10,000 websites power the information in Milestone Reviews. Monitor comments, respond one to one and engage with customers quickly and easily.
Measure performance with Key Performance Indicators
Performance KPIs
Milestone Reviews lets you establish your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that have impact on your bottom line. Track and monitor performance vs. your goals to create actionable next steps.
Manage Your Workflow
Manage Your Workflow
Make reputation management simple for the whole team. Milestone Reviews lets you assign action items to individual users and auto-assign items based on poor ratings or specific keywords. Track comments, replies and actions, and consolidate them into a single management report.
Key Marketing and Operational Insights
Gain Key Insights
Measure the major keywords used by your clients to describe your business. Highlight the channels that matter most, and the reviewers and commenters that are the key influencers.
Benchmark your performance vs. major competitors
Benchmark vs. Major Competitors
Milestone Reviews helps you understand your performance against top competitors by giving you a comprehensive view of your reviews and ratings vs. top competitors. Look at trends for the past two years and make decisions based on sound data, not instinct.
Save time and stay ahead with integrated dashboards

Save time with integrated dashboards

Stay on top of what your customers are saying

See a complete picture of your consumer sentiment across all critical channels. Manage Twitter, Facebook, Yelp, blog mentions, video streaming sites and thousands of online sources like Google and more than 40 major review sources in a single, easy to use dashboard.
  • See reviews from different channels in one dashboard
  • Review and post responses directly from Milestone Social
  • Enhanced social media analytics across your available data.
  • Drive actions with goals for key performance indicators (KPIs)
Don't Just monitor, respond

Don't just monitor, respond

Engage with reviews from one central interface

Milestone Reviews makes it simple to stay on top of the reviews that matter. With Milestone Reviews you can manage and respond to individual comments right from inside the product itself. Quick, simple, painless.
  • Competitive benchmarking for your reviews
  • Monitor and respond to reviews with issues
  • Set goals to drive engagement
Your reputation monitoring workflow

Your reputation monitoring workflow

Assign tasks and manage responsibilities quickly

Milestone Reviews lets you automate your review management workflow. Users see assigned "action items" and can quickly jump to reviews they manage. Assign manually or based on keywords or review ratings. Managers see a rolled-up view to make sense of it all in seconds.
  • User permissions for security and workflow management
  • Assign action items manually or dynamically
  • Establish and monitor team goals for major KPIs
  • Track comments, replies, and actions in one report
Gain key marketing & operational insights

Gain key marketing & operational insights

Understand the competition, get ahead

Stay on top of what the competition is doing with benchmarking and competitive analysis that takes you to the heart of your marketplace stance. Monitor comments, benchmark your performance, all in seconds.
  • View guest comments on competitors and understand likes and dislikes about them
  • Benchmark your performance vs. major competitors
  • Discover keywords used by customers to describe your business
Sophisticated reporting

Sophisticated reporting

Understand what's working and fix what's broken

Go beyond reporting and sentiment analysis with in-depth reporting that gives you the level of information you need to make impactful changes. Report at the location or brand level, filter reviews and analyze data for up to 2 years.
  • Actionable General Manager's summary report
  • Brand and group level reporting - summarize by group or region
  • Sort through reviews and filter negative and positive reviews
  • Trend Analysis - data saved for up to 2 years

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