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Bank Speed ROI Calculator
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Speed ROI Calculator

Milestone will help you understand the speed of your site and pages in the industry context because Milestone Research has created performance benchmarks for the major industries. Start with a free site audit to benchmark your site and plan to improve it.

How to improve page speed?

The best way to increase page speed is by choosing the right CMS and adding to that the design and technical resources to make it all work together.
Speed ROI Calculator

Importance of Page Speed Optimization

With Google announcing the Core Web Vitals metric and its Page Experience update, which focuses on user experience, speed matters more than ever. A Deloitte study found that a .1 second improvement in page load time increased conversion to the transaction by 8%. Google will reward pages that load fast and will penalize those that do not. There are a number of best practices to increase page speed: the servers, caching, the CMS, optimized and efficient code, and image optimization.