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Learn from the experts in digital marketing. Browse through our expanding collection of free resources below, and stay up-to-date on industry trends, marketing techniques and technology that impacts your business.


Access the latest insights, white papers, research, case studies, and articles covering a range of topics, including content marketing, website design, search engine optimization, analytics, and trends in digital marketing. Learn from the experts in search and digital marketing, browse our expanding collection of free resources, and stay up to date on industry and search trends, marketing techniques, and technologies that impact your business and bottom line. 

Industry Benchmark Report: Healthcare

Industry Benchmark Report: Healthcare

Milestone Research set out to determine the degree to which the healthcare industry was utilizing technical SEO and specifically mobile, schemas, and AMP to improve organic results. We analyzed 72 healthcare websites to see if they were using structured data in April 2020 and found 54% of facilities in the sample have no schema markup. Learn what healthcare websites need to do to outshine their competition and attract new and existing patients that will translate into hundreds of thousands of dollars in new billing.
Milestone Inc. CMS ebook

Is your CMS helping you generate revenue and traffic?

Any location-based business relies on its website to drive leads and traffic online from search engines. Using the right web content management system (CMS) is a critical first step for any business seeking to establish a world-class digital marketing presence. But not all CMSs are made equally. This eBook will guide you through the top 10 most important SEO features you need to bring more traffic to your website.
Milestone Inc. Schemas Ebook

How digital marketers use schemas to drive more traffic, leads and revenue.

Make it easy for consumers to find you, whether the search is coming from Google, or from Alexa or Siri. search engines use specific html tags, known as "schema" to identify and classify content. Google, Bing, Amazon and even Apple's Siri, all modern search systems use Schema to understand your content and match it with relevant search queries.
Why your website needs schemas

Why your website needs schemas

Great search engine organic results can make-or-break your business. So why is it that only some brands are structuring site content the way search engines like best? The best websites use schema tags to make clear the meaning of the content and its relationships. Schema implementation doesn't have to be a difficult process either. Automate the process with a tool that regularly updates and corrects errors.
How to get Google Home, Siri, and Alexa to talk about your content.

How to get Google Home, Siri, and Alexa to talk about your content.

Consumers have new and compelling means of discovering information. Voice search, intelligent agents, "screen less" devices like Amazon Echo and Google Home are creating a brave new world for location-based businesses. How do you make sure that you stay "top of mind"? When being "the answer" is more critical than ever, what strategies do you need to stay ahead of the competition?
Milestone Inc White Papers 4 Pillars Of Choosing Your CMS

Choosing the perfect CMS

How do you know if you've selected the right Content Management System? What are the key pillars needed to ensure your CMS works for you and helps you drive revenue? Download our free white paper and find out.
Milestone Inc QuickTake CMS voice search

Quick Take: Voice Search

Voice Search is here to stay. By 2020 30% of all content will be consumed on devices without a screen. How does a digital marketer adjust to this new reality? Download our free two-page "Quick Take" article and find out.
Milestone Inc ADA WhitePaper

ADA Conformity

The Americans with Disabilities Act has brought on a whole new world of conformance to the world of website design. But it's about more than just protecting yourself from lawsuits. Download our free white paper and see why you need ADA conformity - and how to get it done.
Milestone Inc Voice Search healthcare

Voice Search and Healthcare

Voice Search technology is quickly taking on the digital marketing world across multiple industries. Even in healthcare, staying ahead of the game and keeping your business information top of mind when consumers use voice search is key. Download our free white paper and learn more.
Milestone Inc QuickTake-AMP

Quick Take: AMP

Did you know that you can have a mobile site that loads in less than 1 second? Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) introduce a whole new way for consumers to interact with mobile websites. Download our free white paper and learn about AMP and the 6 key reasons you need it.
Milestone Inc QuickTake-AMP

Digital Marketing Trends - eBook

Digital marketers face an increasingly complex customer journey that involves more steps, more devices and a greater reliance on voice-search technology than has been true in the past. To be successful, digital marketers will need to focus on 6 key areas.

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