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Website Design Services with Responsive Mobile Performance

Creative design drives engagement and conversion. Milestone sites use pioneering digital design, built around carefully crafted user personas communicated through storyboards. Our website design and development process starts with undertstanding your business goal, target audience, brand promise and competitive landscape. Milestone has successfully developed more than 4,300 mobile sites.
Milestone Strategies for Website Design Update

Our strategies for website design

Your website or local page is the essence of your business and online marketing. Milestone offers exceptional website designs based around an architecture, navigation, and user experience to drive conversion.
  • Strong architecture-based design
  • Persona-based approach
  • Exceptional user experiences
Milestone UX designed to Drive Conversion

Websites designed for your consumers for usability and conversion

How quickly can a visitor book or purchase your product or service? Milestone websites drive conversion through award-winning usability and design. Usability elements are strategically placed to allow visitors to book and buy in as few clicks as optimal.
  • Recognized by our peers with 500+ awards
  • High focus on usability
  • UX designed to drive conversion
Engaging and Relevant Content in Milestone Websites

We build websites from the inside out with solid information architecture

Our websites strategically arrange images and information in a hierarchical structure so that pages are easy to scan and information is simple to find. Our rich entity based content is displayed through an engaging format that enables users to quickly find relevant information.
  • Hierarchical content structure
  • Easy to find and scan pages
  • Engaging and relevant content
Use Brand Colors in Milestone Inc.

Be bold, get noticed use colors that inspire people

Color selection and implementation communicates a desirable message to your target audience. We strategically select colors and shades that reflect your brand and appeal to your market and ideal demographic.
  • Careful use of colors for the right message
  • we use and respect your brand color preference
Custom Imagery and Graphics available in Milestone Websites

Beautiful high-resolution images that scale to the user's device

Our design team uses vibrant, high-quality images that are relevant to the focus of each page. We have tens of thousands of photos in our collection and can accommodate any image request.
  • Vibrant images that convey a message
  • Custom imagery and graphics available
Milestone Design based on Research using Legibility and Eye-Tracking

Design based on research using legibility and eye-tracking

Understanding that time and attention span are of the essence, we create website content that users can easily scan and absorb. We allocate screen real estate wisely, using clear and concise titles and formatting to drive engagement.
  • Easy to scan content
  • Careful use of white space
  • Compelling titles that engage
SEO website Design for Performance and Speed

SEO website design for performance and speed

The art of website design is the balance of images and words that create a playful and powerful experience. With compelling, search-optimized content and essential navigation, our sites generate engagement, retention, and conversions.
  • Website built for speed
  • Easy-to-navigate and consume pages
  • Engaging content that converts
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