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Error-free, Advanced Schemas for Increased Search Presence

Schemas are detailed metadata that help search engines read and understand the context of your content and related facts, yet only 40% of websites use schemas at all and fewer than 10% use advanced schemas. While schemas are essential for your universal search presence and indexing, adding them manually is time-consuming, error-prone and costly.
Milestone Schema Manager introduces a new way of creating and managing schemas on your website. With our innovative managed services approach, we research the schema types aligned with your content, build and nest them for your site, and give you a few lines of code to add. From then on, it's automatic in our digital marketing platform.
Advanced Website Schemas for Search Presence
Schema Management in Milestone Inc.

Schema management that drives results

Milestone Schema Manager makes it easy to create and maintain schemas for your website. Create relevant schemas for your business, your products, your services, and your locations - and then publish them to your site by adding a few lines of code. We do the hard work, so you don't have to.
  • Increased impressions and traffic from rich snippets, FAQs, and People Also Ask with performance gains of 20 to 80%
  • Easy discovery and identification
  • 100% visibility on schema tagging and performance
  • Error elimination & warning fixes and updates
  • Efficiency of schema creation and 1 ms injected deployment
  • Scalability: Milestone Schema manager enables you to optimize one million pages
Wrap Content in Json Schemas for Search Engines

Grow your business

Schemas are the backbone of the modern search engine. Schemas are how Google, Bing, and voice systems, like Apple's Siri and Amazon's Alexa get context about your website content.
  • When you wrap your content in json schemas, you define for search engines what your business is, the products you offer, hours, FAQs, images, videos, and other key information that boost your digital presence and position.
  • The Milestone advanced schema solution has been deployed on SMB and global enterprise websites and delivered 25-60% increases in organic impressions and traffic.
Schema Deployment in Milestone Digital Platform

Schema deployment made easy in our digital platform

As a user enters text and images into specified fields in Milestone Schema Manager, they are automatically tagged according to the categories. The current tags and the hierarchy are embedded into the Milestone Schema Manager with new ones added regularly as they are released.
  • Typically, schema deployment on a website requires both IT and SEO resources on an ongoing basis.
  • Milestone's Schema Manager enables frictionless schema deployment and maintenance with negligible help from website IT resources.

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Ask our experts
  • What is schema markup?

    Schema markup is an advanced SEO approach that gives search engines context of the website content, using a semantic vocabulary categorized on, and paves way for the content to be displayed as rich results on SERPs. In 2011, the Big Four search engines at that point–Google, Yahoo, Bing and Yandex–collaborated to create in order to classify and categorize entities online in the form of microdata or tags which came to be known as schema markup.
  • What is JSON schema?

    JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) is a lightweight and open standard file format to store and transport data from a server to a web page. Though it is a Java Script subset, JSON is a language-independent data format and offers flexibility for many modern languages (Python for example) to generate and parse code and can also be used as an alternative for XML in AJAX systems. JSON is preferred by programmers across the world as it is self-describing and easily understandable for humans to assimilate the context of the code and for machines to parse and generate as well.
    A fine example of JSON flexibility is its use to implement Schema code in the JavaScript. Using the JSON-LD extension, programmers can embed the schema code in 'script' tags at the head of a document (moving out of HTML body) - independent of the data it described below. This makes the process of adding schema to website code streamlined as it can be easily templated and any additions, updates, alteration and removal of code to match the schema and its properties can be done with ease.
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