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SEO Services Aligned with Modern Ranking Factors to Maximize Website Traffic

Milestone started as an SEO company. Our SEO services have evolved over the years and continue to be aligned with the evolving search engine algorithms. 

Google's algorithms are aligned with EAT:

  • Expertise: Determined by quality content
  • Authority: Determined by a combination of backlinks and citations
  • Trustworthiness: Determined by visitor engagement, reviews and ratings
Our SEO solution includes a holistic approach that combines technical SEO, content marketing and local SEO for location-based businesses, we consistently drive improved rankings, visibility, organic traffic and conversions. Maximize the impact of your digital marketing efforts with our range of SEO services. 

Local SEO for Hotels, Retailers and Banks

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Ask our experts
  • What are the most technical SEO issues?

    Website optimization helps search engine spiders crawl and index your website. Technical SEO helps fix areas that are broken that may affect your site not showing up in SERPS. Technical issues are common, and all websites have them more often than not. However, it is important to discover and fix these issues as quickly as possible so that they will not impact ranks. Here are a few of the most common technical issues that SEO can help fix.
    • HTTPS Security
    • Broken links
    • Incorrect robots.txt
    • Missing XML sitemap
    • Slow page loads
    • Non-indexed pages
    • Not optimized for mobile
    • Duplicate content
  • What is page speed optimization

    Page speed optimization is the act of improving website speed and load time. Page speed is the amount of time Load time refers to how long it takes a webpage content to load for your users to enjoy. This includes all text, images, and video. Because website performance impacts search engine ranks, it is important to consider factors such as page speed along with user experience. Website responsiveness is a trusting factor when it comes to website performance.
  • What is Schema Markup

    Schema marks the information and classifies the page content by a specific HTML vocabulary that provides search engines the ability to crawl and index your content and determines how the content should be treated.
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