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Case Studies

25% Growth in organic traffic YoY for a B2B technology company
30% increase in page 1 rankings of non-branded keywords on Google
50% increase in share of voice of the SERP Non-branded keywords

Technology Industry Challenges

Managing SEO for Huge Websites

Managing SEO for Huge Websites

Often technology businesses have huge websites and managing technical SEO involves huge websites running into thousands of pages, speed, indexability, crawlability issues, and working with different departments.
Growing Organic Traffic

Growing Organic Traffic

Though there are numerous marketing strategies and constantly evolving marketing tools, driving high quality organic traffic remains a high priority for technology businesses.
Getting SEO Technology Ready for Future

Getting SEO Technology Ready for Future

With most of the search traffic in Google coming from mobile devices and voice predicted as the future of search, technology businesses need to be ready to stay ahead of the curve and give a superior mobile experience.
Need for Data Driven Decisions to Scale

Need for Data Driven Decisions to Scale

Technology businesses need to constantly measure ROI of digital marketing and SEO efforts. Data drives success stories needed to scale SEO businesses. Marketers also need to aggregate data points from different sources of truth.
  • 57% of B2B marketers say SEO has the biggest impact on lead generation


  • 58% of all searches in Google are now from a mobile device


  • 90.63% Pages Indexed in Google do not make it to generate organic traffic


    Technology Solution Stack

    Milestone CMS

    Milestone CMS

    Design targeted pages for your website, products, and specifics of product offerings with the only SEO-first content management system.
    Milestone Local and Reviews

    Milestone Local and Reviews

    Ensure your location information is accurate and accessible across listings and devices be it Google My Business, Google Search, and Voice Search.
    Milestone FAQ Manager

    Milestone FAQ Manager

    Curate and bulk publish customer's frequently asked questions and get easily found by search engines and voice assistants.
    Milestone Schema Manager

    Milestone Schema Manager

    Run targeted PPC, display, remarketing and omni channel marketing campaigns.
    Milestone AMP

    Milestone AMP

    Get high mobile performance, superfast rendering, and synchronized AMP pages. 
    Milestone Technical SEO

    Milestone Technical SEO

    Ensures your website has maximum crawlability and indexability. Milestone Analytics-Measure ROI of digital marketing efforts across channels-website, local, mobile, social, and paid search.
    Milestone Insights

    Milestone Insights

    Measure your technology businesses' SEO competitor analysis, market intelligence and content performance. 

      How it works

      Milestone technology solutions help search engines find your business with the industry leading SEO-first CMS for your website. We help understand your website content with structured data and implementing advanced schemas.
      With Milestone technology solution stack curate and bulk publish customer's frequently asked questions and answers.
      Our award-winning SEO product and services team will ensure your technology business stands out in the parameters, rank higher and have more visibility and click through rates by your potential customers.
      Milestone technology stack is designed to cater to a full stack experience to your customers be it website, mobile experience, social or checking your online reputation. We help you provide your customers blazing fast mobile speed with Milestone AMP.
      We understand your need to monitor your marketing efforts to take data driven decisions. Our data analytics platform will provide your entire digital marketing performance across channels in a single accurate tool to enable you to measure and scale.
      Technology - How it works


      • Experience a Surge Organic Traffic

        Experience a Surge Organic Traffic as Never Before

        With Milestone technology solution stack of SEO powered website, structured data and advanced schemas, FAQs wrapped in schemas witness a surge in high quality organic traffic and revenue of your technology business.

      • Technical SEO for Technology Business

        Technical SEO for Technology Business

        Milestone technical SEO strategies will ensure search engines find your website for maximum crawlability and indexability. Your technology website will get a high quality user experience backed with high visibility and performance

      • Superior Speed and Mobile Experience

        Superior Speed and Mobile Experience

        Get the best mobile performance with progressive web app (PWA) and accelerated mobile pages (AMP) resulting in performance gains of 10X+. With mobile first design, get the best user experience which drives higher engagement and revenue.

      • Measure and Grow

        Measure and Grow

        Get a single source of truth for all your digital marketing KPIs i.e., website, local, mobile, social, and paid search in a single accurate and aggregated tool. Measure ROI of your digital marketing and SEO strategies to scale and stand ahead of competition.

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      What clients say about us

      • "The revenue generated from the website increased substantially year after year. The return on investment has been the highest among all channels."

      • "Milestone's knowledge is really top notch! They are extremely quick at completing any requests. They really seem to appreciate us as a customer."

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