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Case Studies

45% increase in search visibility for healthcare company
27% increase in phone calls and directions for healthcare group
24% increase in Google maps visibility for healthcare company

Healthcare Industry Challenges


Enable Search Engines to Find Your Healthcare Facility

Healthcare facilities often struggle to rank in the search engines despite good marketing content. It is because search engines cannot understand your website content without structured data and schema markups.
Superior Mobile Experience

Superior Mobile Experience

Over 62% of smartphone owners are using their mobile devices to search for health information. Need for providing superior mobile experience is an all-time high.
Having a Strong Local Presence

Having a Strong Local Presence

Growing need for patients to get treatment from a local healthcare facility. As a healthcare provider you need local people to find and select your facility.
Reputation of Facility is Important for Selection

Reputation of Facility Is Important for Selection

A bad reputation of healthcare facility significantly hurts your search engine rankings and reduces chances of patients to select your healthcare facility over others for treatment.
  • 77% of patients use search engines prior to scheduling a visit


  • 44% of patients who research hospitals on a mobile device scheduled an appointment


  • Medical practices who post blogs experience a 55% increase in traffic to their website and are around 13 times more likely to see ROI

    - HubSpot Stats

    Healthcare Industry Solution Stack

    Milestone CMS

    Milestone CMS

    Fastest and only SEO-first content management system in the market
    Milestone Local and Reviews

    Milestone Local and Reviews

    Scalable and most comprehensive SEO-powered local solution
    Milestone Schema Manager

    Milestone Schema Manager

    Use structured data and schema markup to rapidly increase organic traffic
    Milestone AMP

    Milestone AMP

    Highest performing mobile and synchronized AMPs (accelerated mobile pages)
    Milestone FAQ Manager

    Milestone FAQ Manager

    Next-generation FAQ and voice search optimization technology
    Milestone Analytics

    Milestone Analytics

    Measure ROI of digital marketing efforts across channels-website, local, mobile, social, and paid search
    Milestone Insights

    Milestone Insights

    Analyse competitive business intelligence and impact of SEO strategies

      How it works

      Milestone healthcare solutions help search engines find your healthcare facility by helping them understand your website content with structured data and entity relationships.
      Google algorithms rank healthcare facilities on the parameters of EAT expertise, authority, and trust. Our award-winning SEO product and services team will ensure your healthcare facility stand out in the parameters, rank higher and have more visibility and click through rates by your potential customers.
      Milestone solution is designed to cater to a full stack experience to your customers be it website, mobile experience, social or checking your online reputation.
      We ensure you have a strong local presence to drive the patient searching for healthcare facilities "near me." We understand your need to monitor your marketing efforts to take data driven decisions.
      Our data analytics platform will provide your entire digital marketing performance across channels in a single accurate tool to enable you to measure and scale.
      How it works

      What clients say about us

      • "The revenue generated from the website increased substantially year after year. The return on investment has been the highest among all channels."

      • "Milestone's knowledge is really top notch! They are extremely quick at completing any requests. They really seem to appreciate us as a customer."

        Ask our experts
        • What does Local SEO mean for healthcare facilities?

          Local SEO means you optimize your healthcare content and facility location pages to attract local searchers. Good local SEO is critical because 76% of people searching on mobile phones, outside the house, and using terms like "near me" purchase within 24 hours, according to Google.
        • How should a healthcare business leverage Google Local 3 pack?

          Optimize your site for mobile, include relevant content, complete your Google My Business profile, secure positive reviews, add photos, make sure your name, address, and phone are complete, accurate, and consistent, and use advanced schemas to add information and context.
        • How does schema markup help search engines find your healthcare business content?

          Schemas are basically a set of types, and each type has its set of properties. As defined by search engines Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Yandex, schema types are arranged in a hierarchal structure and till date, there are 818 Types, 1326 Properties, and 289 Enumeration values in the schema dictionary or vocabulary. Some of the common healthcare business schema types are:
          • Hospital
          • Medical Clinic
          • Medical Symptom
          • Medical Therapy
          • Medical Web Page
          • Physician
          • Medical Condition
          • Medical Procedure
          • Medical Specialty
          • Psychological Treatment
          To give search engine bots context of the content when indexing the web page, the schema is implemented in the code in the form of schema attributes which help the search engine bots identify the entities and their relationships. Schema attributes are basically information in the website code that make up the schema property. While the attribute is simplistic, the combination of attributes is complex and help define the schema property and its relationship. There are generally two types of attributes – Default attribute and Fixed Attributes. As the name suggests, a default attribute is what it is and cannot be changed while a fixed attribute is one which has a fixed value and cannot be changed. Examples: The schema attributes can be implemented in the website’s HTML code using either JSON-LD or RDFA syntaxes. However, Over the last few years, JSON-LD has become the most preferred structured data. Why? JSON-LD is well-implemented. It can be embedded in "script" tags in the head of a document (moving out of HTML body), separated from the data it describes. This makes JSON-LD a format that can be templated, easily implemented and a great option for adding, deleting, or updating purposes.
          Other formats like Microdata or RDFa are neither that flexible nor easy to use options for adding, deleting, or updating purposes. RDFa are inline markups applied to HTML documents and define attributes that are added to the HTML.
          Above all, search engines love and prefer JSON-LD and thus JSON-LDs are more picked up. Here is what Google has to say – “Google recommends using JSON-LD for structured data whenever possible”. Period.
          Once the schema code is implemented in the HTML using a Schema Generator, the schema code has to be validated for any errors or warnings using a schema testing tool. If the schema code has errors in case you have included a deprecated schema property, it has an incorrect structuring of the file, or due to other reasons, there will be no point publishing the schema on your website. Instead, rectify the errors and warnings before publishing it on your website.
          To see how your content would look as a rich result on SERPs, run the JSON-LD block that contains the schema code on Google’s Rich Result Testing tool.
          Many businesses often assume that the job is done once the schemas are published on the website – error and warning free. However, this is not the case as the schemas implemented on the website need to monitored closely for errors or warnings that prop up – which can happen if there are any website content changes or Schema.Org changes or updates their vocabulary. Deprecated schema properties will be flagged as an error and for the content to be indexed and displayed on SERPs as a rich result, it should be error-free. Having a system in place to monitor published schema and having impact reporting for your business to assess the difference schemas are making on your website in terms of rich result growth and SERP saturation is as important as taking the first step of publishing schemas on your website.
        • What kind of data analytics can your healthcare facility, expect from Milestone Analytics?

          Milestone Analytics platform will provide you complete performance reports depending on the services you have purchased.
          The platform includes business KPIs (revenue, ADR, etc.), website analytics, social channel performance, paid media performance, reviews, and other digital channels into a single, easy to use, actionable dashboard. Our unique customer journey analytics feature lets you measure the impact of investments across multiple channels, so you can optimize marketing spend. Platform provides support for single-location or multi-location businesses.
        • What does FAQ mean for healthcare businesses?

          An FAQ (frequently asked question) is a medium for hospitals, clinics, and physicians to answer queries of their customers about the symptom, therapy and treatment offered. The entity authors the question and answer to preclude the customer being misled or misinformed and, in the process, builds trust. Unlike community forums, Q&As, FAQs have a single answer and no alternate answers. FAQs on your website and best answers will increase your site visibility in zero position on the SERPs.
        • Does FAQ help healthcare facilities with voice search performance?

          Yes, FAQs help with long-tail topics and FAQ schema helps your healthcare website address the requirements of Google’s BERT algorithm, which focuses on picking up conversational and relatable content that directly answers a question online.
        • Why does Milestone CMS drive an immediate increase in revenue and leads from healthcare website?

          Milestone’s CMS offers advanced SEO technology built into the platform that drives an immediate increase in revenue and leads from the website. The faster speed, AMP, schemas, indexability, and crawlability of the website results in better organic search presence leading to an increase in revenue and leads by close to 25%.
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