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What does Milestone have that would help in Schema Management?

Milestone's Schema Manager takes businesses through the entire circumference of the Schema Management process - from identifying page URLS, schema validation and deployment, schema monitoring and maintenance and essential schema impact reporting for businesses. Here are the key highlights of Milestone's Schema Manager:
  • Auto discovery of Page URLs that need schemas tags. The tool can auto discover up to 1 million URLs or you can choose to upload the URLs as well
  • Point and click schema tagging
  • One-click validation and deployment of schemas
  • Continuous health check of schemas deployed or existing schemas of the website with error and warnings notifications. Raises alerts for deprecated schemas and ensures that the schema vocabulary is up to date
  • Powerful Recommendation Engine to assist clients when adding schema tags using auto suggest and predictive methods to create a decisive nested schema architecture
  • Bulk application of schemas to similar pages even by the thousands
  • Integration with any CMS across the globe, Google Tag Manager, Adobe Tag Manager, and E-commerce Integration as well
  • Top-notch reporting to check performance and impact. Clients can check impact by page/data type, rich result growth, universal saturation, and segment reporting showcases schema impact, errors and warning
Milestone Schema Manager goes past basic schema tagging and has given businesses a stable threshold that is easy-to-use to not only be in sync with Google shift to semantic search but to help businesses understand customer intent and use a nested schema architecture for their content to be the relevant answer on search in the form of rich results - which will only prompt an action and boost their clicks, impressions, click-through rate (CTR) and their overall visibility and revenue.
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What does Milestone have that would help in Schema Management?
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