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Digital Marketing Software for Location-Based Businesses

Eliminate dozens of digital marketing tools with the Milestone Presence Cloud. Our unified, enterprise-grade, cloud-based suite helps location-based businesses manage their digital marketing strategy. Manage and publish content, update your business information across the digital landscape, manage your social media outreach, monitor your reputation, and maintain a strong competitive position with enterprise-level keyword management and digital marketing analytics.

Take Control of Your Digital Presence

To keep pace with rapidly changing consumer behaviors and drive digital and physical traffic, you need to gain full control of the digital presence of your business.
Regardless of where or how consumers search, you need to deliver a consistent, compelling message. To do that, you need the Milestone Presence Cloud.
What is the Presence Cloud?

What is the Presence Cloud?

Centralize all the relevant facts about your business - products, locations, people, hours, and more - in a cloud-based, enterprise-grade solution. Then publish that information to your website, search engines, map systems - just about anywhere - and manage your reputation from one centralized platform.
The Milestone Presence Cloud replaces dozens of tools with a simple, intuitive, secure platform.
Milestone CMS: The search-friendly CMS

Milestone CMS: Built For Search

Build local pages and websites that attract consumers and that get ranked by search engines. Wrap your content with search-friendly schemas and prepare your content for voice-search platforms like Google Home and Alexa.
Milestone Local: Publish Your Business, Everywhere

Milestone Local: Publish Your Business, Everywhere

Milestone Local helps you push enriched, hyper-accurate business information across the digital spectrum. Make sure that consumers can find your business on any device at any time. Whether it's Google, Amazon, Apple, Alexa, Bing, Facebook, Yelp or hundreds of other sites.
Milestone Schema: Rich Search-Friendly Content without Effort

Milestone Schema: Rich Search-Friendly Content without Effort

Schemas are the backbone of how modern search engines understand content. Is your website schema rich? Go from no schemas to dozens with minimal effort with Milestone Schemas.
Milestone Voice: The future of SEO is here

Milestone Voice: The Future of SEO

By 2020, more than 50% of search will be voice-powered. Is your business ready for smart speakers and  screen-less devices? Get your business voice-search ready with Milestone Voice.
Milestone Reviews

Milestone Reviews: Control Your Reputation

Stay on top of your business reputation and respond to reviews with our API-based solution. Milestone Reviews lets you analyze your review performance and respond quickly to individual consumers.
Milestone Insights

Milestone Insights

Compare your digital performance with local competitors across more than 100 key digital marketing metrics. Track your organic and paid footprint, find keyword opportunities, and stay ahead of the competition with Milestone Insights.
Milestone Analytics

Milestone Analytics

Put it all together with the only digital marketing analytics platform for location-based businesses. Compare multiple locations or analyze performance for one location quickly. Measure campaign performance and adjust your marketing strategy to stay ahead.

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