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Get noticed with local search optimization

With Milestone CMS being the online SEO-first CMS in the market, we sure do have all the tools to thrust the visibility of your business on search using next-generation SEO tactics. To help your business step ahead of its competition, Milestone will take care of the following:

Basic SEO to get you started

Milestone will carry out the basics of SEO by adding relevant header tags, meta tags, Alt tags, robot.txt and XML sitemaps for the search engine to understand the structure of the page and hierarchy

Improved SERP Saturation with increased clicks, impressions, and CTR using Schemas

Schemas give search engines clear definition of your website's entities and their relationships. With the search engine crystal clear of your content, it improves the chances of it being ranked highly for relevant searches and displays it as a rich result which prompts higher impressions, clicks and Click-through rate (CTR). A terribly underutilized aspect of advanced SEO, Milestone's Schema Manager will ensure that your local pages are tagged with relevant schemas, suggest recommended schemas, flag errors and warnings, monitor schema health, and measure SERP saturation.

Voice Optimization: Using Q&As, ‘Voice Ordering’ and ‘Location Finder’

Milestone's FAQ Manager will Curate Q&As and FAQs from local and public forums, internet searches, search listening tools, etc., and give you the privilege of choosing the locations you wish to publish these Q&As to. Q&As suit the conversational approach of voice search and improves the chances of the content being picked as the single-right voice answer. In addition, optimize for the future of search using our ‘Location Finder' and ‘Voice ordering' voice optimization features. Using the ‘Location Finder' optimization your business will be picked by voice assistants for ‘near me' searches and to top that, customers can use the ‘Voice Ordering' feature to directly order using voice actions.

Drive engagement to a personal level with GMB Business Messages & Google Posts

With Milestone FAQ Manager integration with GMB, you can now directly publish Google Posts to the business locations of your choice and use its GMB Business Messages integration to engage with your customers directly.

Publish Local Events on your landing pages to create a buzz online and traffic to your property

Using Milestone CMS, you can publish Local Events on your landing page for on-property and near-by events to attract customers to your business for ‘near me' and relevant searches and to also increase the footfall to your property.

Manage your reviews and ratings effectively to build trust

Managing reviews improves your E-A-T score, which means that reputation management helps you build trust not only with customers, but with the search engine as well. Milestone Reviews will help your business manage its reviews and ratings on a single screen by sourcing reviews from multiple channels and allows you to respond in real-time. Reviews pay an integral part in the customer-buying cycle and why not publish them on your landing pages to improve trust with your customers and help them take the next big step.
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