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The Fastest and Only SEO-First CMS
Platform on the Market

The Milestone CMS is the world's first and only SEO-first content management system. With most aspects of technical SEO addressed at the platform level, the CMS takes away the overhead of having to monitor the site for technical issues like crawlability, indexability, sitemaps, broken links and redirects. It is also the first and only CMS that ensures your website conforms to Google's Core Web Vitals guidelines. This makes sure that your website is fast and provides an engaging mobile experience. 

Deployed on over 10,000+ websites with more than 26 million page views per month across multiple industries, our cloud-based content management system is not only the fastest and mobile first, but features schema and technologies that support hospitality, restaurant, automotive, banking, retail, healthcare, and technology businesses. Our clients report 100% faster page load time and a 20-30% increase in leads and revenue after deploying the Milestone CMS.
Fastest and SEO-First CMS Platform - Milestone Inc.
Top Featurers of Milestone CMS

How the Milestone CMS features make your life easier

Milestone CMS is a cloud-based platform that lets you create visually compelling websites with content and digital assets that are optimized to get you found on search engines. It's fast, powerful and driven by a modern SEO foundation, from mobile-first UX to search friendly schemas to content creation on the fly.
  • Built-in SEO CMS platform for high visibility on search engine
  • Only CMS with built-in schemas for voice, visual, and entity search
  • Highest-performance mobile design, fastest speed optimization, and AMP
  • Creative UX design and search-driven content to tell your digital story
  • Event calendar feeds to boost awareness and keep your site fresh
  • Create and manage content, images, entities and social sharing tags easily
  • Built-in ADA compliance protection with conformance with the latest guidelines
  • Built-in performance analytics to measure your omnichannel performance
  • Fast, real-time creation and security with always on access to your site
  • Highest ROI with immediate increases in traffic, leads, and revenue.

Milestone CMS enables features specific to every industry

  • Hospitality Hospitality
  • Automotive Automotive
  • B2B B2B
  • Financial Financial
  • Golf and Spa Golf and Spa
  • Healthcare Healthcare
  • Restaurants Restaurants
  • Retail Retail
  • Technology Technology

Milestone CMS SEO-First Features

An SEO-first CMS with built-in capabilities to power your visibility

An SEO-first CMS with built-in capabilities to power your visibility

SEO has moved past keyword-focus to mapping entities. And so should you,
Optimizing for Page Experience

Optimizing for Page Experience

Align with Google's latest ranking factors and offer website visitors the best possible on-page experience.
Entity & Voice Optimization

Entity & Voice Optimization

Deploy schema automatically to drive entity recognition of your website content and simultaneously optimize for voice searches. 
SEO-First Digital Asset Library

SEO-First Digital Asset Library

It's not just asset centralization but optimization of assets for relevance on search. Check all the important SEO requirements of your assets in one go before publishing and reuse as needed.
Mobile-Ready Approach

Mobile-Ready Approach

Improve the experience and page load time with Accelerated Mobile Pages and Progressive Web Apps and drive your pages' performance and visibility on mobile.
SEO Panel

SEO Panel

Showcase the status and value of SEO with the SEO Panel, which lists everything taken care of by our CMS for your website to drive its visibility on search.

Other built-in features to get you ranking

URL Customization:

Improve the relevance of your page by automatically defining the URL and slug

Bulk 301 Redirects:

With our URL Redirect Manager, drive traffic to the desired page and retain your ranking

SSL Certification:

Ensure your customer details are protected with the SSL certification

CDN Caching:

Ensure faster delivery of content and improve your page experience

Accessibility (ADA, CCPA, WCAG 2.1):

Ensure your website is accessible to all with our automatic accessibility checker

Image Lazy Loading:

Load images based on priority to improve your page load and experience

Speed JS & CSS Minification:

Improve your page experience and load speed with minification of JS & CSS

Server-Side Rendering:

Convert HTML files stored on the server into a completely rendered HTML page to improve your page load speed and experience

Canonical Tags:

Tell search engines the primary pages you wish to be indexed first

Internal Search:

Use the built-in internal search for fast, accurate results

Image XML Sitemap:

Allows indication of images on your site that you want Google to crawl and index

Video XML Sitemap:

Help Google find and understand the video content on your site for better indexing

Social Wall:

Improve your authority by publishing user generated content from social platforms that can be indexed

Social Optimization:

Control the content shared about your business on social media and curate how your business looks on it as well

Multilingual Support:

Ensures your website has the capability of supporting multiple languages for you to reach any kind of audience

SEO Audits:

Run an audit of your website to know what's stopping you from being visible on search. Automatic optimization of images for better user experience and visibility for relevant searches

Website Analytics:

All-around tracking of your business KPIs, customer behavior, your campaigns, and events. Autogenerate and tag meta data to optimize every page.

Deduplication of Assets:

Publish unique content across all pages with our duplication identifier

Additional Modules to Power your Visibility

Location Pages

Location Pages

Influence your local ecosystem with pages that are optimized with hyperlocal content and offer all the required information needed for your customers to reach your business location.
ADA Conformance

ADA Conformance

Dedicated pages that showcase how your business is accessibility-friendly to improve your relevance for ‘near-me' type of searches
CCPA & GDPR Compliance

CCPA & GDPR Compliance

Ensure your website follows the data protection norms as set by the California Consumer Privacy Act and EU General Data Protection Regulation to improve trust with website visitors and stay lawsuit-free.
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