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Mobile and Web Content Management System (CMS)

More than 60% of searches are performed on mobile devices. Consumers now want "answers" instead of links. How do you make sure your website gets found? Shouldn't your content management system help you stay at the top of the stack? With Milestone CMS, you can.
Any location-based business relies on its website to drive leads and traffic online from search engines. Using the right  web content management system (CMS) is a critical first step for any business seeking to establish a world-class digital marketing presence. Milestone CMS makes it easy to drive traffic by ensuring your website and location pages are relevant, tagged for voice-search friendliness, beautifully engaging and mobile responsive.

See why Milestone CMS was the only CMS short-listed for the 2017 US Search Awards.
Break Speed Records
Break Speed Records
Break speed records with the Milestone CMS. Our light-weight engine lets you build web and mobile sites that can easily score 90+ on PageSpeed scores.
Beyond Mobile First
Beyond Mobile First
Milestone CMS delivers and exceptional mobile experience. What makes it the best?. Adaptive-responsive technology means fast speed and targeted mobile content based on micro moments and user behavior. AMP pages give you sub-second load times and put you at the forefront of innovation.
Stay Ahead of Lawsuits
Stay Ahead of Lawsuits
ADA conformance is primarily about protecting yourself from legal troubles, but it's also about good business and doing the right thing. Create ADA-conforming sites, check for ADA trouble on your pages and stay at the forefront of digital for a human world.
Fortune 500 Technology
Fortune 500 Technology
Online Travel Agents, eCommerce sites, and Fortune 500 financial sites all share one thing: technology. Milestone CMS lets you wrap your content with over 90 schemas to get found by search engines and to keep your site on par with your biggest competitors.
Get Found on Voice Search
Get Found with Voice Search
Users no longer search for keywords, they want answers. Milestone CMS lets you answer them with a frequently-asked-questions module that makes addressing customer wants and solving their problems a breeze.
Search Engine Friendly
Search Engine Friendly
Milestone CMS provides the infrastructure and technology you need to get found by search engines. Create rich content with proper tags and wrapped in structured data schema to get to the top of search and stay there.
Promote group business
Promote Group Business
RFP modules let you promote your location for group events and drive higher revenue quickly and easily.
Get found locally
Get Found Locally
People search for local experiences. Get to the top of their list by connecting over 1 million local events directly to your website - and get found.
Promote outlets
Promote Outlets
Let the world know about your on-site spas, restaurants and revenue generating outlets with portals that let customers engage deeper with you even after they have bought.
Revenue Recovery
Revenue Recovery
Don't lose that precious traffic. Milestone revenue recovery features let you target users with offers when an "exit intent" is identified. Email consumers who started a transaction but never finished it, and let consumers "schedule" their purchase with reminders.
Conversion Rate Optimization
Conversion Rate Optimization
A website must continuously evolve and change in subtle, but critical ways as consumer behaviors evolve. Milestone Conversion Rate Optimization, with features like A/B testing and multi-variate testing, help ensure that your sites are designed with conversion touch points and ensure you are getting the best possible return on your dollar.
Milestone CMS is an expandable, modular platform that lets you create the experience you need personalized to your business and your clients. Get as much or as little CMS as you need.
Socially connected
Socially Connected
Consumers engage with social media. Milestone CMS lets you stay in front with social sharing and full support for social tags. A social lounge lets you create a place where consumers find engaging stories to reinforce your message.
Image search friendly
Image Search Friendly
Consumers search for images. Get found regardless of how consumers seek you out with search-friendly image tags that are a breeze to apply.
Build compelling websites that convert

Build compelling websites that convert

Milestone CMS drives revenue growth
Create an engaging user experience with features like ADA-conformity to prevent lawsuits without sacrificing amazing design. Milestone CMS provides a lightning-fast architecture that is easily extended with features that matter most - like local events calendars - for a richer, interactive experience. Milestone CMS helps you create compelling content that converts:
  • Create engagement and loyalty with reviews and social media tags
  • Drive conversions with time-sensitive offers, information requests and coupons
  • Create compelling experiences with content personalization
  • 20-30% increase in revenue upon switching to Milestone CMS
Optimize for higher ROI

Optimized to get you higher ROI

Technology that gets your business found
Build websites and location pages that get found. Milestone CMS is powered by search and voice-search friendly technologies like schemas and Frequently Asked Questions. Mark up your content with 90+ schemas that put you front and center in engines like Google, Bing, Siri and Alexa.
  • 90+ schemas that help drive search engines
  • Optimized for voice-search with schemas and FAQ Module
  • Optimized for Image Search
  • Auto-update of sitemap.xml files as your site changes
The best mobile experience possible using Google AMP & speed

A CMS with unmatched mobile experience

Google AMP pages and adaptive-responsive technology
60% of Web traffic is mobile. Milestone CMS powers mobile-first design at its core with an adaptive responsive engine that serves up the right content for the right device - lightning fast. Milestone CMS also puts you ahead in mobile with AMP sites, providing a rich user experience for micro-moments and blazing speed.

Milestone CMS websites consistently outperform the competition in speed and ranks.
Read the Milestone Google AMP case study
  • Create Google AMP sites quickly and easily
  • Achieve mobile PageSpeed scores of 85+
  • Adaptive-responsive designs that optimize user experience
Engage with your customers

Maximize ROI, recover lost customers

Conversion rate optimization and revenue recovery
Milestone CMS gives you the power of revenue recovery and A/B testing to continuously improve site conversion and increase revenue from visitors. Revenue recovery technology lets you quickly and easily capture users who are about to abandon a transaction to boost your revenue and ROI.
  • Continuously test alternate page elements through A/B testing
  • Find the perfect conversion mechanisms to boost ROI
  • Provide offers to customers as they are about to exit your site
  • Convert users before they abandon a transaction
Increase conversion, recover lost customers

A personalized, compelling experience

Content personalization made simple
Create the most compelling offer for the right client with personalization technology. Customize calls to action, provide relevant banners and change content and offers based on marketing campaigns and specific criteria.
  • Customize headers and content based on key criteria.
  • Change banners and images
  • Provides custom calls to action
  • Vary landing page content by PPC campaign
Save time in development and design

Save time in development and design

Point, click, edit, publish
Manage and enhance your website with ease. Content management and collaboration features are easy to use and approachable. Outstanding security makes working as a team simple and effective, while automation features help create content on the fly based on ad-copy.
  • Easy to use WYSIWYG editor
  • Auto-generated pages for paid-search campaigns based on ad-copy
  • Moderation workflow and multiple user permission levels

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