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Milestone CMSThe only CMS shortlisted for the US Search Awards

Milestone CMS makes it easy to drive traffic and conversions by ensuring your website and location pages are relevant and tagged for voice-search friendliness - while delivering a beautifully engaging mobile-first experience. Deployed on over 6000 websites across multiple verticals, our CMS offers specific features for hospitality providers, restaurants, automotive, banks, and retailers. Our clients report a 20-30% increase in revenue and leads after using our CMS.
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How the Milestone CMS makes your life easier

Top features of Milestone CMSHow the Milestone CMS makes your life easier

Top CMS feature - Built-in SEO

1.Built-in SEO

Designed for high visibility on search engines, through high availability for search engine crawlers and site indexing, and automatic updates of sitemap.xml. Plus: the most effective voice search optimization on the market. Learn More
Top CMS feature - Schemas, plus image readiness for visual search

2.Schemas, plus image readiness for visual search

Over 120 built-in schemas allow search engines to understand and index your content seamlessly. Tagged image optimization ensures your site's readiness for the growing availability of visual search. Learn More
Top CMS feature - A higher share of mobile traffic

3.A higher share of mobile traffic

because of our CMS' state-of-the-art mobile capabilities - mobile-first design, mobile speed optimization, native Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) and the ability to create Progressive Web Apps (PWAs). Learn More
Top CMS feature - Eye-catching designs and memorable content

4.Eye-catching designs and memorable content

to emphasize your message, through our top notch in-house design and content services. Learn More
Top CMS feature - Event Calendar

5.Event Calendar

An automated Event Feed populates your site calendar with up-to-date local events across multiple genres and generates hundreds of relevant, events-oriented pages - which search engines love. Learn More
Top CMS feature - Easy-to-use site tools

6.Easy-to-use site tools

for managing content and images by non-technical managers, and for adding a wide variety of features, including photo galleries, forms for creating RFPs for vendors, e-coupons, email list signups, and Open Graph tags for site content shared on social media. Learn More
Top CMS feature - Built-in compliance

7.Built-in compliance

with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 and privacy guidelines from the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). Learn More
Top CMS feature - Business-focused insights

8.Business-focused insights

via our integrated site analytics. Learn More
Top CMS feature - Fast site access with always-on availability and site security

9.Fast site access with always-on availability and site security

through our managed site hosting, use of Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) and high-end security infrastructure. Learn More
Top CMS feature - Highest ROI, with lowest total cost of ownership

10.Highest ROI, with lowest total cost of ownership

Immediate increases in traffic, leads and revenue, because our all-in-one CMS optimizes site configuration for you, while lowering additional costs because of so many built-in capabilities, such as technical SEO. Learn More

Milestone CMS also enables features that are specific to certain industries:

Milestone Inc Hospitality


Milestone Inc Restaurants


Milestone Inc Automotive


Milestone Inc Retail


Milestone Inc Financial


Milestone Inc Corporate


Success Stories

Milestone CMS Success Stories Auto Dealer

Auto Dealer

Problem: An owner of car dealerships in Mexico finds its site traffic is low and flat, and car sales are not growing.

Solution: A new website is built using the Milestone CMS, with schemas deployed.

Results: Within 3 months, there is a 300% increase in traffic to the site, phone calls are up by 66% to 150% (depending on the dealership), and there are 420 new leads and 180 new car sales.

Milestone CMS Success Stories Banking


Problem: A bank discovers its branch locations are not visible in most search results. Even in searches on the bank's name, third-party banking-related sites show higher rankings. As a result, no banking appointments are being scheduled at those locations.

Solution: Milestone's CMS added schemas to the branch web pages.

Results: Branch visibility, as measured in search impressions on branch pages, soared by 440%. Visits to branch pages increased by 191%, mobile traffic rose 82%, and total organic keywords ranked on the first three pages increased by 24%. Plus, there was a 71% increase in foot traffic.

Milestone CMS Success Stories Hospitality


Problem: A luxury hotel group in New York City, with high-end hotels around Times Square, found that its organic traffic, visibility in search results and year-over-year revenue was down.
Solution: The hotel group's six websites had no schemas, so it deployed schemas to its existing sites, and updated local listings, via the Milestone CMS.
Results: There was a 30% increase in revenue in four months across the six luxury hotels, representing $1.3 million in additional revenue.
Awards & Recognitions

Milestone's Voice-search friendly CMS Module was shortlisted for Best Search Software Tool.

US search Award 2018

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