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Case Studies

520% increase in branded searches
+33% increase in click-to-calls for a large bank in Texas
+43% increase in organic visits to website for mortage lender
+42% increase in traffic to website for a 250-branch financial services provider

Financial Industry Challenges

Digital Branch Experience

Digital Branch Experience

The pandemic has increased the shift from traditional banking to digital banking. Customers are now expecting contactless banking and high-volume financial customer journeys are digital.
Provide Better Customer Experience

Better Customer Experience

With accelerated digital transformation consumers want simplicity, transparency, friction-less experience, and making their life easier. Putting customer experience and their needs at the core is the key to the future.
Necessity for Scalable Digital Platforms

Scalable Digital Platforms

Financial institutions more than ever have an urgent need for proven, scalable, and digital marketing technologies and platforms which are built to handle large volumes, multi-location businesses and complexities.
Need for Data Driven Business Decisions

Need for Data-Driven Business Decisions

Marketers need to measure SEO-specific key performance indicators to keep track and excel at business objectives. For institutions to scale and outshine competition they need to take data-driven business decisions.
  • 71% of customers use multiple channels to start and complete a single transaction

    - Salesforce Stats

  • 35% of customers have increased their online banking usage during COVID-19

    - Deloitte Stats

  • Visa reports a 150% increase in contactless payments in US

    - Deloitte Stats

    Milestone Solution Stack

    Milestone CMS

    Milestone CMS

    Design targeted pages for your financial institution, financial products, and specifics of product offerings with the only SEO-first CMS.
    Milestone Local and Reviews

    Milestone Local

    Ace the customers "banks near me" searches, ramp up online banking, and stay ahead of the digital branch experience curve.
    Milestone Schema Manager

    Milestone SEO

    Amplify your brand's efforts to support customers and community, and build a powerful content strategy.
    Milestone AMP

    Milestone Reviews

    Manage your financial institution's reputation at scale and improve SEO performance.
    Milestone Schema Manager

    Milestone Schema Manager

    Enable search engines to find your financial institution-specific website content with structured data and error-free advanced schemas.
    Milestone AMP

    Milestone AMP

    Get high mobile performance, superfast rendering, and synchronized AMP pages.
    Milestone FAQ Manager

    Milestone FAQ Manager

    Curate and bulk publish frequently asked questions on website and Google My Business.
    Milestone Analytics

    Milestone Analytics

    Measure ROI of digital marketing efforts across channels--website, local, mobile, social, and paid search in a single accurate and aggregated platform.
    Milestone Insights

    Milestone Insights

    Measure your financial institution's SEO competitor analysis, market intelligence and content performance.

      How it works

      Milestone financial services solutions help you create a compelling digital experience for your local branches while helping you drive customer acquisition with sophisticated marketing strategies.
      Our customers leverage advanced technologies aligned with search engine algorithms, like structured data and schema markup.
      With the right balance of software and services, we provide technical SEO and content marketing that helps search engines find you, improve rankings and drive organic traffic.
      Most importantly, you can measure and take data-driven decisions for your digital marketing and SEO strategies across channels and stay ahead of the competitors.
      How it works Milestone Financial Services


      • Drive Traffic and Revenue with the Best Technology

        Drive Traffic and Revenue with the Best Technology

        With the best SEO content management system in business, drive traffic and revenue. Make your financial institution's digital presence known with leading-edge technology of schema, AMP, ADA conformance, mobile responsive design, and high speed.

      • Get Your Financial Business

        Get Your Financial Business in Front of Customers

        Create a compelling presence with your single and multi-location digital branches. Ensure your financial institution is found on local searches and the information across locations is consistent, accurate, and optimized.

      • Differentiate Your Business Content

        Differentiate Your Business Content

        Google, Yandex, Bing, and Yahoo have defined schema markup language to understand web content. Add finance-specific schemas in your website to help search engines understand and differentiate your content for increased online presence.

      • Measure to Grow

        Measure to Grow

        Analyze your digital marketing performance across channels, measure customer's journey across stages be it awareness, consideration, engagement, and conversion. Benchmark your digital marketing and SEO performance across competition.

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      What clients say about us

      • "The revenue generated from the website increased substantially year after year. The return on investment has been the highest among all channels."

      • "Milestone's knowledge is really top notch! They are extremely quick at completing any requests. They really seem to appreciate us as a customer."

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