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Benu Aggarwal- President and Founder, Search Engine Marketing Speaker
Benu Aggarwal
Founder and President
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Speaker Profile: Benu Aggarwal

Benu Aggarwal, founder, and president of Milestone Inc., is a highly recognized expert in Digital marketing solutions, SEO, Local. Benu oversees product development, client services, technology and strategic vision for the company. Under her leadership, the company has launched several award-winning websites and software products. With her technical marketing experience, entrepreneurial spirit and motivating attitude, Benu has the ability to communicate technical ideas into tangible practice.



Why Select Benu as a Speaker?

Benu started Milestone 20 years ago out of her home office after working as a Marketing Director for several major branded hotels. In the early days of her venture, she was trained as an SEO specialist, programmer, designer, marketer, sales person, trainer, accountant, and speaker - whatever it took to make things happen. From a one-woman show, Milestone blossomed into a Digital marketing powerhouse that is making a difference on how to maximize marketing on the Web. For two decades, Benu has worked with clients every step of the way, learning every element of Internet marketing and understanding every aspect of technical marketing, to ensure the success of the businesses Milestone represents.
With her unique marketing and technical expertise, Benu today oversees a talented team of 200+ Digital marketing specialists, graphic designers, writers, and programmers. Benu has penned several articles on Search Engines Marketing and has written a well-known Internet marketing handbook called "Hotels to HTMLs." Benu has firsthand experience of deploying SEO throughout the development cycle of the website. Every speaking engagement is packed with practical real-life experience, easy to implement recommendations, and cost-effective strategies that audiences can take home and implement right away. She has the unique ability to turn high-tech theory into actual, tangible practice.

What Do Audiences Like About Her Speaking?

Drawing on years of professional marketing experience, Benu truly understands how to promote any business - from traditional marketing to innovative technical mediums. Her most essential speaking quality is her ability to easily communicate the most technical ideas and theories, providing step by step instructions on why, how, and what all the way to impact and results.
With her down-to earth leadership style, decades of technical and practical marketing experience, entrepreneurial spirit, and motivating "can do" attitude, Benu is a perfect fit for your next seminar. This successful entrepreneurial mom communicates very technical information with a lighthearted approach that leads you to learning. She is recognized for her capacity to stay in touch and connected to her audience.

An Experienced Speaker

Benu brings to the marketplace a broad spectrum of speaking expertise on a diversity of topics. She has been a speaker for ClickZ - New York, Chicago, San Jose, SMX - Advanced East, West, Phocuswright, and several conferences focused on travel, search engines and online promotions. Benu was a key speaker in the Pushing your Profit seminar series throughout the entire country, sponsored by the AMLA and American Express. Check out her impressive speaking profile.

Upcoming Speaking Engagements

  • Workshop: Advanced Local Marketing Tactics - LSA19

Previous Speaking Engagements

  • Responsive, Dynamic, Serving Mobile - Which Patch is Right for Me? - SES Chicago 2013
  • World Class Local: Optimizing Listings, Place Pages, and Beyond - SES Chicago 2013
  • Responsive, Dynamic, Serving Mobile - Which Path is Right for Me? - SES San Francisco 2013
  • Schema and RDF - Secret Weapon for Your Youth Website Architecture - SES New York 2013
  • Schema 201: Real World Markup for Success - SMX West 2013
  • Hardcore Local Strategies - SES Chicago 2012
  • Schema 201: Real World Markup for Success - SMX East 2012
  • Semantic Search: SCHEMAs and CMS - SES San Francisco 2012
  • Schema & Authorship: 1 Year Later - SMX Advanced Seattle 2012
  • SO/LO/MO: Local Myth Buster - Local Optimization Facts Proven Debunked - SES New York 2012
  • SEOmoz Webinar: Google Places - Do's Don'ts, and Best Practices 2012
  • PPC or SEO? The Ultimate Search Marketing Battle - SES San Francisco 2010
  • Local Search Ranking Factors - SES Chicago 2010
  • Advanced Paid Search Tactics - SES New York 2010
  • Ads in a Quality Score World - SES New York 2010
  • Internet Marketing and Social Media - AAHOA Chicago 2010
  • SEO deployment and Information Architecture -PubCon Austin 2009
  • Four Paths to success in a Tough Travel Economy - SES San Jose 2009
  • Duplicate Content and URL - SES San Jose, Chicago (Search Engine Strategies)
  • Maximizing SEP Returns with User Generated Content - SES San Jose
  • Enhanced Listings - SMX New York
  • Geo-Targeting / Day-Parting - SMX New York
  • Winning From The Start: Getting Ad Copy Right - SMX Advance
  • Video & Image Search - SMX West
  • Why Local is Different? - SES (Local in LA)
  • Images and Maps - SES New York
  • Enhanced Listings - SMX New York
  • Maps API - Maps: They're Not Just for Driving Any More? - SES New York
  • Tracking Travel Conversions - SES Travel
  • Pack Your Tool Bag; Blog, Video, Map, UGC - SES Travel
  • Pushing your Profit Seminar Series - AHLA
  • Hotels to HTMLs Seminar Series - AAHOA & CLEA

Sample Speaking Topics

Topics Related to AMP, Voice Search & Digital Trends

  • Rise of Voice search in the era of handheld devices
  • AMP pages in hospitality and retail applications
  • Mobile First website design
  • "Mobile on steroids" how mobile first, PWA and Amp work together
  • Omni Channel marketing strategies
  • Customer journey & the impact on search
  • ChatBots and the role of AI in search
  • Personalization and segmentation in paid media

Topics Related to Search (Basic to Advance)

  • Site Architecture & Technical SEO
  • Web Usability & Conversion Optimization
  • Advance Paid Search Factors
  • International SEO
  • Nuts and Bolts of Search Friendly Development and Promotion
  • Fundamental of Search Friendly Website
  • Secret Recipe of Ranking High in Search engines
  • Fundamental of writing Content for Search engines
  • Tips and Tricks of improving Search Engine listings through site links
  • Ways to Measure ROI
  • Tips and Tricks for Ranking High on Local Search in Blended Results

Topics Related to Local Search

  • Local Search Ranking Factors
  • Up-Close with Google Places
  • 360 Degree View of Local Search

Topics Related for Developers

  • Maximizing SEO Returns with User Generated Content
  • Duplicate Content and 301 Redirects
  • Give It Up -Tools & Tips

Topics Related to Social Media and Web 2.0

  • Pack Your Tool Bag: Widgets, RSS, & More
  • Video, Images & Blended Results
  • Social Media and Search -.
  • Web 2.0 - Blogs, Video, and Community Maps
  • Best Practices for Blogging - Tools, Platform, and Promotion

Topics Related to Paid Search

  • Geo Targeting and Day Parting
  • Winning From the Start - Getting Ad Copy Right
Articles and Books by Benu Aggarwal

Articles and Books Written


Speaking Reviews

"Awesome stuff! Cannot wait to go home and try and get position zero for conversational queries."
Optimizing content for voice search and virtual assistants
SMX West Conference in San Jose, California, March 21-23, 2017
- Michael L. Brown Jr. , SEO Manager | Marketing Manager | Google Certified
"I recently moderated a panel Benu spoke on at Webmaster World's Pubcon South 2009."
I was impressed by the way she engaged with her audience and gave real life examples from her experience of dealing with systems architecture and some of the challenges that face a company. Not one person left the room when she spoke and the comments I received from the attendees afterwards were that they truly appreciated how Benu was so willing to give away useful information and action items that they could use to do their job better. In fact, a couple people commented they couldn't write it all down fast enough and were looking forward to downloading her presentation to go through in more detail!
- Melanie Mitchell, Vice-President Marketing of Foliofn Investments Inc.
"We selected Benu to do series of internet marketing seminars nationwide because of her unique hospitality industry background, internet marketing expertise, practical knowledge and audience feedback…"
- Jessica Lytle, Senior Director, Member Services, AHLA
"Hotel marketing has turned upside down in the era of the internet. Benu Aggarwal's Hotels to HTMLs™ handbook is the best source I've seen for explaining this new landscape, as well as providing tactical strategies for maximizing your hotel's exposure on the Internet."
- Chip Conley, CEO and President of JDV Hospitality

Keynote: Consumer trends impacting digital marketing | Benu Aggarwal

What are the trends and technologies that will impact your digital marketing strategies for the rest of 2018 and 2019? What do you need to prepare for now?

Rethinking Digital Marketing for Customer Experience | Benu Aggarwal

Search is ever evolving and Mobile presents a huge opportunity for digital marketers to connect with their targeted users all along their customer Journey.

Key Technology Innovations and Mobile Trends | Benu Aggarwal

Learn strategies to influence website visitors and convert them into customers, includes AMP, CRO, Knowledge Graph, and more.

What Matters in Digital Marketing this Year

In case you missed it, here's a video of our 2018 trends webinar. Watch this video to learn about the key trends that will shape search, digital, and omni channel marketing. Stay ahead of the curve as our President and Founder, Benu Aggarwal, presents her yearly "key trends" webinar.

What Matters In Search This Year [Webinar Recap]

The Milestone team presented an educational webinar, What Matters In Search this Year, to highlight the latest digital trends as we kick off 2017. Your strategy this year is all about understanding your customer's world, what motivates them, and what gets them to want to interact with you.

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5 Tips for Better Site Indexing - Google Webmaster - SES Chicago 2010

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Milestone President Talks to Matt Cutts from Google Regarding Best Practices for Promoting Hotels Online - Part 1

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Milestone Founder Interviews Matt Cutts of Google - Part 2

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Benu Aggarwal on Solutions to Web Duplicate Content

- Interview of Matt Cutts (Google) by Milestone Internet Marketing President Benu Aggarwal

Brett Crosby Interview With Benu Aggarwal of Milestone Internet - Part 1

- Interview of Brett Crosby by Milestone Internet Marketing President Benu Aggarwal

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- Interview of Brett Crosby by Milestone Internet Marketing President Benu Aggarwal

Milestone founder talks to Bruce Clay about Best Kept SEO Secrets, KPI for Small Business


Nathan Buggia Lead Program Manager for live Search Webmaster Center Interviewed by Milestone
Part 1


Nathan Buggia Lead Program Manager for live Search Webmaster Center Interviewed by Milestone
Part 2


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