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Erik Newton

Erik Newton VP of Marketing

Erik Newton is the VP of Marketing at Milestone Inc. He is a growth marketing executive who takes a full-lifecycle view of customer acquisition, experience, and retention. Prior to Milestone, he was the VP of Growth Marketing at BrightEdge.
Early on in his career he spent 6 years in Japan and earned his MBA there and then started his career at Dentsu agency in Tokyo. Erik has worked in tech marketing for more than 20 years at Adobe,, Netflix, and TiVo. He has published more than 175 blogs on SEO, is an accomplished speaker, and wrote a book called Hack the Corporate Fast Track.

Speaker Profile

  • Why select Erik Newton as a speaker?

    Newton is the Vice President of Marketing at Milestone Inc., a digital marketing software and services company, where he manages acquisition, content, and product marketing. In his 25+ working years prior to Milestone he was Vice President of Marketing at BrightEdge, and before that Sr, Director of Marketing at TiVo and Head of Online Acquisition at Netflix with stints at, Adobe, and Netscape.
    He is a frequent online and on-stage speaker on SEO and digital marketing. He has done more than 30 webinars and was invited to speak on the Salesforce podcast Marketing Trends. His on-stage and live speaking events include CES, SMX, BrightEdge Share, Big Data Summit, and he won the Silicon Valley area and division Humorous Speech Contests with Toastmasters. He maintains a large collection of SEO and digital marketing jokes.
    Newton is a prolific writer with more than 175 blogs and 15 papers published at BrightEdge and Milestone. He published a management and self-development book, called Hack the Corporate Fast Track and is working on a second book on investing.
    At Milestone, he is also the head of Milestone Research, which publishes research reports 4-6 times per year, and this research provides him unique insights into the market and channels that he uses for his writing and speaking. He is an often-quoted thought leader in Inc, MarTech Adviser, Search Engine Watch, and Orange magazine.
    He earned his MBA at the International University of Japan and his BA from UCLA. He is fluent in Japanese and started his career in Japan at Dentsu Inc.
    Newton's speaking style is energetic, informative, and often educational.
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