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Competitive Intelligence for Digital Marketers 

One tool that takes the place of over a dozen: Whether it's uncovering new keywords by looking at your competitors, finding sound backlink sources, measuring the gap between your website performance and those of your competitors, Milestone Insights let's you replace over a dozen tools with a single, easy to use product.
  • Stay current with the latest technology

See it in Action

Auto Setup

Auto setup, keyword and competitor discovery

So smart it sets itself up

Get started in minutes with automated setup and competitor discovery. Milestone Insights quickly discovers keywords, top competitors, backlinks - all without effort. Of course, you can always adjust things to fit your needs.
  • Start in minutes with automated on-boarding
  • Local competitor discovery
  • Keyword, backlink and technology analysis 
  • Local, social and review monitoring and heads-up reporting
SEO Keyword analysis

Keyword analysis and comparison for local competitors

What keywords drive your competition?

Analyze your keywords and those of your local competitors. Milestone Insights detects your relevant keywords and then lets you see where you outrank the competition, where they outrank you and helps you discover keywords where you don't rank at all.

  • Automated or manual keyword setup
  • Find keyword overlaps with local competitors
  • Spot keywords where competitors rank and you don't
  • Identify page 1 opportunities
Backlink performance analysis

Analyze competitor websites to spot new source of backlinks

Discover sources for backlinks

Analyze your backlink performance vs. your competitors and discover new source for backlinks and measure how to improve your site ranking

  • Benchmark your backlink performance
  • Find backlink opportunities by looking at competitors
  • Measure your domain performance vs. competitors
Paid keyword analysis

Analyze your paid media presence

Who's bidding on your name?

Milestone Insights spots companies that bid on your name. Find top competitive keywords to understand what you should bid on and which keywords you should skip.
  • Safeguard your brand by spotting top domains bidding on your name
  • Identify top keyword opportunities for paid campaigns
Social media insights

Competitive social media analysis

Are competitors out-talking you?

Analyze the buzz in social media, see top trending shares for both you and competitors. Analyze your social media presence and make sure you share where it matters most.
  • Identify top trending content on social media
  • Compare your content shares with your competitors
  • Find gaps in your social media presence vs. competitors
Stay current with the latest technology

Compare your digital marketing to local competitors

Your one stop competitive analysis

Milestone Insights its your one tool for all your competitive digital marketing analytics. From tracking your local search presence to spotting technology weaknesses, Milestone Insights helps you stay ahead

  • Spot errors in your local search presence
  • Filter branded vs. non branded terms
  • Uncover problems with SEO visibility
  • Measure your mobile readiness and speed
  • Track your readiness for voice search
  • See if your site has the right AMP presence

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