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Which is the fastest CMS in the market?

Apart from the popular and reputed Content Management Systems in the market such as Adobe Experience Manager, Drupal, WordPress, etc., Milestone is regarded as one of fastest CMSes in the market. Considering that load speed of a website is an important factor for it to rank on search, Milestone CMS is the only SEO-first CMS in the market and ensures delivery of relevant content to create an engaging mobile-first experience. Using Milestone CMS, we have deployed more than 6,000 websites and our client websites have an approximate viewership of 26 million user per month. Our client websites have reported an average of 100% faster load page time and a 20-30% increase in leads and revenue due to this very factor of high-speed loading websites - which is critical for the user experience of website visitors.
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Which is the fastest CMS in the market?
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