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Which CMS is best for hotels?

While there are certain players like WordPress, Squarespace and SmartCMS that are used by hotels around the globe due to their custom and personalization features, Milestone CMS is a thorough-bred CMS for businesses in the hotel industry. With Milestone having 2 decades of experience of servicing the biggest brands in the hospitality industry, our CMS is created to take hotels through the whole phase of the customer journey - REACH - ACT - CONVERT - Engage. Our Milestone CMS comes with products such as Milestone Local, to ensure that the information of hotels is delivered across multiple channels with just a few clicks, ensuring that no customer is left frustrated wishing to know the key specifics of a business. In addition, our features like event calendar and FAQ Manager help drive leads and footfall to the business, while the FAQ Manager helps the businesses answer pressing questions and concerns of their customers and ensure the information is consistent across all channels. In addition, being an SEO-first CMS, visibility on search is a priority and this is done using a built-in schema deployment and monitoring process, and the websites are built on mobile-friendly, AMP and PWA frameworks to give customers the best possible user experience. Of course, competitor benchmarking is a necessity and that's where our omni-channels Analytics comes into play. Now, your business can track customer behavior, your advertisement spends, return on investments, and lots more.
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Which CMS is best for hotels?
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