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What are FAQs and why do businesses need them?

FAQs or Frequently Answered Questions, as the name suggests, are those questions that are commonly asked by customers or potential customers. Instead of repeatedly answering each query, businesses can publish these common questions on their websites, local directories (such as Google My Business, Yelp) or to voice assistants. Therefore, customers can discover the answers to their questions even before they ask. Here are some reasons why publishing FAQs is a MUST today:
  • Voice Search: The question & answer format of FAQs match the conversational answer type of voice search. Therefore, there are higher chances of FAQs getting picked as a preferred voice answer
  • Consistent Brand Image: Customers use multiple channels to look up for answers about business. If FAQs are managed well and are consistent across all channels, that builds trust among customers while building a consistent answer about the brand.
  • Customer Experience: Searching and not finding answers about a business can get frustrating. By proactively answering common questions, businesses deliver a superior experience to customers looking for answers.
  • Reduce Support Time: By publishing answers to commonly asked questions, businesses can reduce the time spent by sales & support teams on individually answering the same question to multiple customers.
  • SEO: FAQs are a great content for SEO purposes and help improve rankings in conventional search.
Milestone FAQ Manager helps you realize these benefits of effective FAQ management while removing all complexities that are involved in manually managing FAQs across digital channels for multiple locations of your business. The FAQ Manager is an end-to-end FAQ Management solution that lets businesses curate customer questions across channels & locations; and helps publish verified answers to voice assistants and other channels.
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What are FAQs and why do businesses need them?
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