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Website technology and SEO

For a business to drive traffic to its website, it needs to keep up with the latest technology that is built to suit customer behavioral patterns and it also needs to have flawless SEO for it to climb the rankings on search. Starting with advanced SEO, implementing schemas help a website go hand-in-hand with Google shift to semantic search from keyword-based search. Schemas allow the business to dictate to the search engine what exactly the content is all about and in the process helping the search engine to display the content as a relevant result for a query online.
Having on-page FAQs will help the business's content suit Google BERT algorithm which now prefers displaying the most relevant result in a conversational format. The benefits of FAQs are multi-fold, but in a nutshell, they help a business create local flavored content and show up as relevant search result for a local query. Most importantly, it optimizes the website for voice search which is certainly the future of search. Talking about localized content, having an integrated events tool will help the business show up for local searches and drive traffic to its website.
The website needs to be optimized for platform performance and site speed (minimize HTTP requests, image optimized, etc.), crawlability (HTML, CSS, XML Sitemap validations, etc.) and search (schemas, optimized Alt tags, Header tags, Meta Tags, Social tags, etc.), and a CMS takes care of this to streamline the process of visibility of a brand on search.
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Website technology and SEO
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