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Hotel Marketing Strategies For The Independent Edge

Milestone understands the needs and challenges of the independent hotel. As an independent property, you don't get the benefit of the marketing investment of a national brand. As an independent property owner, maximizing your marketing investment is always top of mind.
Challenges for an independent property

Challenges for an independent property

Driving direct business for profitability
As an independent property, your biggest challenge is how to limit OTA market share by boosting direct revenue from your website and other lower-cost marketing channels. As an independent hotel, you don't have the R&D budgets of OTAs to drive organic traffic, nor the multi-billion-dollar ad budgets to compete directly.
  • Drive direct revenue
  • Leverage lower-cost marketing channels
  • Compete without huge budgets
Milestone, the great OTA equalizer

Milestone, the great OTA equalizer

Integrated campaigns and website presence
Milestone offers profit-driven marketing for Independent Hospitality clients, from urban boutique hotels to upscale destination resorts. We help position your independent hotels and resorts by highlighting extraordinary experiences and creating higher visibility and conversions. Through the seamless integration of web, mobile, social, and local promotions, we help connect you with  travelers and turn them into guests.
  • Create a rich digital experience
  • Seamless integration of web, mobile, social and local
  • Connect you with discriminating travelers
Your technology advantage

Your technology advantage

OTA technology without OTA budgets
Leverage the strength of your size through a nimble approach to marketing and technology. Deploy advanced technologies like website schemas, AMP, Conversion Rate Optimization, A/B testing, faster download speeds, ADA conformance, and compatibility for voice search at a fraction of the cost you might expect. Stay ahead of your competitors by leveraging the same technologies as OTAs without their budgets.
  • Deploy OTA-like technology without OTA budgets
  • Put your best foot forward with ADA conformity
  • Get found by consumers on any device, any search engine
Moving to Milestone is profitable

Moving to Milestone is profitable

The right way to grow direct revenue
Our integrated approach provides end-to-end solutions that cover your website, digital marketing and analytics needs to get the most return on investment. Our unique approach is why most of our new independent hotel customers see revenue growth of 20% to 30% just by moving their website to Milestone.
  • Integrated, omni-channel approach
  • Grow revenues by simply moving to Milestone
  • 300+ awards and counting

The set of products and services that Milestone offers for independent hotels include:

Milestone Digital Presence Cloud

  • Milestone CMS
  • Milestone Local
  • Milestone Social, social media management
  • Milestone Analytics, marketing analytics dashboard
  • Milestone Insights, competitive intelligence software
  • Milestone Reviews, reputation management software

Milestone Digital Marketing Services

  • Website development
  • Website optimization and usability optimization consulting services
  • Mobile responsive site development and promotion
  • SEO and local search
  • Pay-per-click and display advertising
  • Email marketing
  • Social content marketing
  • Analytics and competitive analysis
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