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Content Marketing & Strategy to Help You Build Omnichannel Results

Content is the most essential element of your digital marketing strategy. The right content - delivered at the right time, to the right audience, through the right medium - reaches customers at different stages of the buying journey and delivers powerful results. However, the audience today is not just on search engines. From social media to YouTube, your audience is distributed. Your content needs to reach your audience where they are through omnichannel content marketing, earning authority along the way.
By creating relevant content aligned with your audience's intent across their journey, we promote your business message and unique selling points to gain authority, credibility, and trust. Through audience-centric content creation, search optimization, and channel diversification, we create content that gets you found, tells your story. We build a content strategy that resonates with customers and inspires conversions, leads, and sales. Whether it's website content, social conversations, or paid media, Milestone content is compelling, backed by solid SEO, and reaches customers everywhere they are in the digital experience.

Build Reputation and Authority with Omnichannel Content Marketing
Understanding Your Business Goals Every Aspect of Your Content Strategy

A content marketing service that understands your business goals

We approach every aspect of your content strategy with an in-depth discovery of your business challenges and goals. Our discovery process enables us to understand your target audience and various personas and identifies their journey across all channels. This way, we can map out a strategic content strategy around the customer journey to ensure that informative and engaging content is everywhere your customers are, from your website to social media to videos and email. Our content marketing team identifies and adapts to your content style, tone, and brand. We keep your content relevant to your audience. 
We deliver a content marketing strategy that you can trust to deliver results.
  • Understand the business vision, goals and challenges
  • Research and understand the audience and user personas
  • Identify the user journey and channels
  • Identify gaps and what content resonates at each touchpoint
  • Identify content amplification strategy
  • Identify distribution strategy of content for bigger impact and reach
Content Health Audit

Content health audit

Knowing your content's current health gives us a baseline understanding of what's working, gaps and opportunities, and data for content ideation. We identify underperforming content that can be enhanced and content gaps compared to your competitors and develop a comprehensive content plan aligned to the target audience at every stage in their journey. Our cross-channel content audit includes:

  • SEO audit - search, entity, links, and clickability
  • Audit of current distribution channels and influencers
  • Competitive analysis
  • Review content performance
  • Identification of content topic gaps and opportunities
  • Review of social media engagement and traffic
  • Review of paid media campaigns to understand audience touchpoints
We ensure your content is best in class, indexable, crawlable, and connecting with your customers. Our comprehensive audit across all channels is the first step in that direction and our roadmap of your content strategy.
Digital Marketing Plan for Content

Digital marketing plan (DMP)

A robust digital marketing plan is created based on our understanding of your business and goals, along with our content audit.  Our content strategy aligns with your audience's journey and business goals. The DMP includes performance data, a content roadmap, a content calendar, channel distribution, and an amplification strategy.
We make sure our content strategy aligns with your message across your website, social, digital media, email campaigns, and ongoing promotions. We map out content based on topic research from Milestone insights tools and audience behavior to deliver a comprehensive content marketing plan for reach, act, convert, and engage stages of the user journey. This evolves into your ongoing roadmap so we can nurture your content and grow your influence. 
  • Strategic content marketing plan, including an omnichannel content calendar
  • Non-branded topic research and mapping across channels, including trending questions for FAQs
  • Navigation nomenclature and content architecture on your mobile-first website for best user experience and clickability
  • Total alignment of content across channels, including website, digital media and paid advertising, social, local, email, video and resources such as infographics
Content Creation and Optimization

Content creation and optimization

Milestone's experienced team of content strategists and creators develop custom content across the customer journey, including your website, social channels, blogs, email campaigns, display ads, and PPC ads, as well as enhancement to your local listings. Using our transformative data-driven approach to content, we ensure your site and channel content is optimized with trending topics and long-tail queries.
Wrapped with SEO best practices, including headers tags, metadata, and the right schema for search engine context, we make sure your content gets maximum visibility. Milestone content is creative, informative, engaging, structured, and on brand to tell your business story and inspire customer interaction.
  • Content creation and optimization on your website with a mobile-first approach
    • Page content, headers, FAQs, metadata, linking strategy
    • Creative calls to action to promote engagement and conversion
    • Content messaging for pop-ups and banner ads
  • Content creation for blogs and social media channels and email campaigns
  • Content creation across channels and deliverables, including articles, videos, webinars, and Progressive Web App (PWA) messaging
  • Complete quality assurance to ensure goals, style, message, and adherence to brand guidelines
Content Enhancement and Amplification

Content enhancement and amplification

Content marketing is a dynamic and ongoing process to ensure that your website and channels are performing and growing in traffic, engagement, and conversions. Our strategists monitor your content and enhance your site for universal and non-branded impressions, clickthrough rate, further optimization of relevant queries, engagement, and on-page elements that drive clicks.
Our marketing team creates and deploys content across all channels on your promotion plan, including landing and power pages, social media, email, paid ads, and video scripts. Milestone is a full-service marketing service agency that delivers quality content backed by technology and software.

Find out how Milestone can be your marketing solution.
  • Ongoing content updates for reach, engagement, conversion, and advocacy
  • Search optimization and content development across your site
    • Landing pages, new content, FAQs, featured snippets
    • Tune metadata to ensure clickthrough rate
    • Image and video optimization
    • Page enhancements for engagement and clickability, including calls to action and video captions
    • Data-driven content enhancements for SERP saturation and impressions
    • Adjust content for co-optimization and authority with social and paid
  • Creating digital media and social ads
  • Creating ongoing social posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube as well as blogs and articles
  • Content distribution to amplify the reach of your content
  • Influencer marketing to reach the thought leaders in your space and convert them into your evangelists
  • Link profile management to ensure you do not have low quality or spam (toxic) links
  • Earning links from sites linking to your competitors, your brand mentions and more.
Milestone Constantly Measures - Effectiveness of Content Marketing Strategy

Key performance indicators and reporting

Milestone constantly measures the effectiveness of your content marketing strategy to ensure your performance is in alignment with your business goals. We review the established KPIs, including universal impressions, non-branded keyword position, traffic, and engagement to determine content ideation strategies and channel distribution.
Everything we do is data driven, measured and tracked in Milestone Analytics and Insights, our business intelligence and competitive analysis tools. Through ongoing reviews of your KPIs, we find insights and opportunities to enhance and amplify your contentto meet your business objectives.

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