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Hotel Website Design and Development Solutions

Thousands of hotels rely on Milestone for their websites and the success of their online marketing. Creative UX design, search-friendly content structure, our award-winning SEO-first content management system, advanced schemas, AMP, and local SEO solutions are critical differentiators that drive business success for our hospitality clients. We incorporate the latest trends in digital web and mobile design in all our websites. A persona-based approach ensures that your messages connect with your audience. Milestone websites have won more than 500 awards and offer your hotel website marketing the perfect balance of creativity and technology.
Award-Winning Designs that Drive Engagement and Revenue - Milestone Inc

Award-winning hotel site designs that drive engagement and revenue

Creative UX design, content structure, search technology, and our award-winning content management system are the foundation on which Milestone drives business success for hotels. All our websites incorporate advanced schemas to maximize search visibility, AMP to grow mobile traffic, FAQs to answer customer questions, local and reviews to grow local presence. As a result of the success we drive for our clients, Milestone websites have won more than 500 awards.
Beautiful Website Designs for Hotels - Milestone Inc.

Mobile-first, custom designs that drive conversions

Milestone websites convert website visitors to bookers--it's that simple. Our technology-rich solutions start with the Milestone CMS, our SEO-first content management system, which was shortlisted for a US Search award in 2017 and 2018. But you also benefit from some of the most beautiful, mobile-first designs in the industry--recognized with over 500 awards and two "best in shows" in 2018 alone.
  • Designs to showcase your business
  • Persona-based design tailored to your consumers
  • Mobile-first websites backed by technologies like PWA and AMP
  • Flexible plans for any type of Hotel
Website Designs for Any Type of Property - Milestone Inc.

Powerful technology, rich designs

Whether you are an independent hotel, need to launch a quick website for your small property, or require a group portal with sophisticated integrations into booking engines, Milestone can help. Start quickly with one of proven designs or have our team in Santa Clara design a custom site tailored to your needs.
  • Technology-rich solutions that boost performance
  • Tested and proven designs or rich, completely customized designs
  • ADA-conforming and GDPR-compliant websites
  • Portal websites to help you showcase your properties
Direct Business with Technology - Milestone Inc.

Features & technology to create the perfect experience to drive direct bookings

OTAs dominate the market because of their far-reaching technology prowess. Milestone can help you bridge the gap with software platforms and solutions that cover the entire spectrum of digital marketing for your hotel. From schema-rich websites to analytics software and everything between.
  • The fastest and only SEO-first CMS nominated for a US Search award
  • Hotel-industry firsts, like local events calendars, price parity widgets, AMP, PWA, and voice search
  • App-like mobile-first, adaptive technology
  • Easily extensible with revenue-driving add-ons
Websites Work with the Entire Ecosystem

Industry-leading SEO & paid-media campaigns that lead directly to your site

We know that driving consumers to your hotel website is not just about design. That's why we provide award-winning omnichannel campaigns to complement your high-performing site design. One of our hotel campaigns even won Search Engine Land's 2018 "Best Overall SEO-SEM" campaign beating out Fortune 500 companies and agencies in the process.
  • Business goal-based omnichannel campaigns
  • Personalization and segmentation for precision targeting
  • All-inclusive "special event" campaigns
  • Full-service monthly plans that fit any budget
  • A la carte campaigns based on your needs
Ask our experts
  • What is hotel website design?

    Hotel website design includes the layout, text, and visuals that you use on your hotel’s website to attract and engage potential customers. A quality website design will encourage those looking for a hotel to engage with your material and book a stay at your hotel when traveling to the area.

    Hotel website design will need to consider the goals and behaviors of typical customers. Customers who visit hotel websites through mobile devices continue to increase with each passing year, indicating the importance of making sure that site design is mobile friendly.
    Businesses also need to make sure that some of the most important information is easily visible for customers from the moment they click onto the site. This includes:

    • The business contact information, including the address and the phone number
    • Easy navigation so that customers can find booking calendars, rates, and images of rooms without any difficulty
    • Brand imagery and information about amenities that make it clear the type of experience customers can expect to have the hotel
    • Information about nearby attractions and points of interest that customers might appreciate

    Hotel website design should focus on providing accessibility and clarity for anyone interested in booking a stay in their area. This means also paying attention to loading rates. Although graphics and images play important roles in communicating with potential customers, making sure that the load time doesn't slow down is an important part of hotel website design.

  • What should a hotel website include?

    A hotel website should include items that help customers determine if this hotel provides them with their desired experience. The hotel should focus on creating a website that makes it easy for people to navigate and find the information they need. This includes providing information such as:

    • Appealing pictures that show customers why they want to say at this hotel
    • Information about amenities that make the hotel look even more appealing
    • Destination and local content , information about local sites and places of interest
    • Strong calls-to-action and easy opportunities to convert
    • Reviews and information from past customers about the quality of their stay
    • The contact information for the hotel

    Other important features will depend highly upon the audience targeted. For example, a resort that hosts weddings and similar major events as a big part of their business strategy will want to make sure their website helps to capture the mood and appeal of using their location for these events.

    Businesses can gauge the effectiveness of their website design by tracking data that lets them know how customers behave on the website. Looking at how people engage on the site, conversion numbers, and the type of pages and information that interest them the most can provide valuable insight into their priorities and interests.

  • What agencies produce the fastest hotel sites?

    Technical SEO agencies are the most likely to help customers improve page load time. Milestone specializes in using AMP to help hotels build fast, easily navigated websites that customers appreciate. That is why clients can see as much as a 30 percent increase in revenue when they move to the Milestone platform. The mobile-first design helps those in hospitality target the modern mobile customer.

    According to Think With Google, a mobile page that takes just 6 seconds to load will increase bounce rates by 106 percent vs. a page that loads in 1 second. Customers like to see pages that load quickly and efficiently, particularly when they are on mobile devices. A recent report on the hospitality industry found that mobile traffic to hotel websites had increased 6 percent in 2019 and is expected to start growing again in 2021. Additionally, mobile revenue generated for these brands increased by over a quarter in the same timeframe. Hotels need to focus on the mobile speed of their sites to ensure they are ready to capture this traffic.

  • What is a hotel website?

    Your hotel website is your online brand home. The hotel website works to create an enjoyable experience for site visitors who might be interested in staying in your hotel. The website should broadcast your brand and entice visitors to book a stay at your hotel.

    A hotel website will include a variety of different features. You will want to include pages and information such as:
    • An information page that helps to showcase your rooms. Beautiful pictures and appealing views can help customers envision themselves at the hotel.
    • A booking option. Allow customers to quickly and easily book a stay at the hotel directly on the website.
    • Information about your amenities. Customers want to know what they can access when staying at your hotel, such as a well-reviewed restaurant or a relaxing, luxurious spa. Use pictures and engaging text to paint them a picture.
    • Pages dedicated to the special events hosted at your hotel. If you regularly host weddings, business retreats, or other special events, make a portion of your site specifically dedicated to these events so customers can find the information they need to see the success others have had.

    The website should focus on communicating your brand and leaving a lasting, positive impression on the customer. Luxury hotels, for example, will want to include imagery, language, and pictures that create a relaxing, luxurious feel. Your website is your home on the web and you want to invite customers to come and see what you have to offer.
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