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Digital Marketing for Hotels that Drives Direct Bookings

Digital Marketing for Hotels that Drives Direct Bookings

Boost direct bookings with the right technology and services

Milestone's award-winning digital platforms for hotels, spas and restaurants drive direct bookings through advanced technology and award-winning marketing campaigns. We pioneer industry-leading initiatives like ADA-conforming websites, AMP for hospitality, Progressive Web App (PWA) technology, Mobile-First designs and Voice Search campaigns.
  • We know your business, we've been helping hotels like yours since 1998
  • We provide the best technology platforms, including AMP, PWA, Voice Search and more
  • Our personalized marketing campaigns drive direct revenue and increase ROI
Milestone Inc- Award-Winning Website Design & Development

Award-Winning Website Design & Development

500 awards and counting, including 2 "Best in Shows" in 2018

Milestone-made websites deliver. That's why new Milestone customers see up to a 30% surge in revenue after moving to our platform. We design award-winning, mobile-first websites that drive user engagement, conversions and bookings.
  • 2018 "Best in Show" mobile website award by the Mobile Web Awards
  • Mobile-first websites built for search engines and users, rendering an app-like experience
  • Custom or template-based designs for any need and budget
  • Advanced technologies like AMP, PWA & Voice Search
  • ADA conformity & built-in ADA checker in CMS
Milestone Inc Omni-Channel Marketing Strategies

Omni-Channel Marketing Strategies

Goal-driven marketing backed by personalization & segmentation

We create effective omni-channel marketing strategies tailored to your business goals. We craft promotional strategies, engagement tactics and channel plans based on your bottom line. Our campaigns leverage personalization and segmentation to maximize revenue and ROI.
  • SEO, Local, Display, PPC, Social and Meta-search marketing
  • Goal-driven campaigns with personalization & segmentation
  • Ongoing monitoring and KPI measurement
  • Award-winning strategies like our 2018 "Best Overall SEO-SEM Campaign" at Search Engine Land
Milestone Inc Digital Marketing Solutions for Hotels of any Size & Market

Digital Marketing Solutions for Hotels of any Size & Market

We deliver revenue growth solutions that work

Regardless of your target customer, market or segment, we understand that revenue and ROI are your ultimate objectives. We specialize in delivering growth across any metric. Whether it's driving direct bookings or fostering group business, Milestone delivers ROI consistently.
  • Trusted by top brands in hospitality like Marriott, Hyatt and Wyndham
  • Trusted by independent hotels world-wide, Preferred authorized partner
  • Recognized by experts and industry peers
  • Comprehensive technology and design solution
Milestone Inc Marketing Brilliance, Technology Innovation

Marketing Brilliance, Technology Innovation

Your technology and design partner

Milestone means innovation. Customer journey analysis, competitive benchmarking and Google AMP compatibility are just the start. Our track record of tech leadership helps our customers gain the competitive edge they need.
  • Advanced analytics & competitive benchmarking solutions
  • Google AMP page support built into the CMS
  • ADA-conforming sites with CMS ADA auditing capabilities
  • PWA technology and advanced mobile designs

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