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Top CMS Features

A Web Content Management System with best in class features that drive traffic and conversions

Milestone CMS makes it easy to drive traffic and conversions by ensuring your website and location pages are relevant and tagged for voice-search friendliness - while delivering a beautifully engaging mobile-first experience.

The Milestone CMS provides the features you need to create amazing websites that convert traffic to revenue, without breaking your budget. Take your web presence to the leading edge of technology with industry-firsts like AMP technology, ADA conformity, mobile responsive adaptability, and blazingly fast speeds.

Top features of Milestone CMSHow the Milestone CMS makes your life easier

1.Built-in SEO

Milestone Inc CMS Feature Built in Seo
The Milestone CMS was built from the ground up with search engine optimization in mind, by making it easier for search engines to understand the site structure and meaning.
That's accomplished by:  
  • Automatic updating of the XML sitemap
  • Methods for helping search engine crawlers index the site
  • Optimizing image and code compression
  • The most effective voice search optimization on the market (without which voice searches of your content could be almost worthless)
  • Milestone Local, a service that provides consistent local data like hours of operation to hundreds of listings - all linking back to your site
  • And automatically deploying schemas

2.Schemas, plus image readiness for visual search

Milestone Inc CMS Feature Schemas Plus Image Readiness For Visual Search
Schemas for new sites. A schema is a logical organization of website content, so a search engine can understand the meaning and hierarchy of the information, such as which content relates to "hotel" and which content refers to "room within that hotel."

The 120 built-in schemas in the Milestone CMS were created by Schema.org, an initiative started in 2011 to develop a common set of schemas for structured markup of website content. As the CMS author enters new text and images into the Milestone CMS, those fields are automatically tagged for schemas.

Many CMSs don't offer a full, built-in and automated schema mechanism for new sites like Milestone CMS does. Instead, they provide only manual tools, which are:
  • Much slower
  • More prone to error
  • Less able to be updated quickly with Schema.org's latest schema versions.
Schemas for existing sites. Additionally, Milestone also provides a service for automatically generating schemas on an existing site and removing any previous schemas, by deploying schemas through a site's tag manager.

"Speakable Schemas." Milestone also offers "Speakable Schemas," which are specifically designed to organize text-to-speech content that can be delivered through intelligent voice agents like Amazon Alexa or Google's Assistant, often in response to a spoken query by a user.

Without voice schema markup, a query to Alexa for "the best Italian restaurant within five miles" might simply result in a name/address listing, instead of a spoken textual description like: "Giovanni's has been rated three stars for each of the last ten years, and is featured in the Michelin Guide to Great Restaurants."

Preparing images for visual search. Another future-proofing provided by the Milestone CMS is automatically preparing site images for visual search. Google, Pinterest and others are pioneering the ability of users to take a photo or reference an existing online photo, and then visually search for the same or similar images online. Milestone CMS automatically tags your site images so they're ready for that kind of search.

3.A higher share of mobile traffic

A higher Share of Mobile Traffic
As every website owner knows, mobile traffic is growing by leaps and bounds, and that will only continue as 5G and higher wireless speeds come online. Currently, about 60% of Web site traffic is from mobile devices.

The Milestone CMS is built for creating robust mobile site presences, through mobile-specific adaptive-responsive designs, enhancement of fast mobile loading with Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), and the ability to create Progressive Web Applications (PWAs).

Mobile sites created on the Milestone CMS can achieve very high speeds on Google's PageSpeed tests. This speed was a key reason why AMP pages created with the Milestone CMS for Millwood Inn and Suites generated an 83% increase in mobile transactions and a 68% boost in conversion rates.

While PWAs can also be utilized for desktop sites, they really shine in a mobile environment. They act and look much like mobile applications, but are browser-based, so there's no downloading, updating or management of yet another app, and they allow the business to send push notifications to visitors.

4.Eye-catching designs and memorable content

Eye-catching designs and memorable content
The visual design and quality of the textual content are key to users' experience with your website, which is why Milestone Internet employs in-house top-notch designers and content experts.

Milestone also utilizes up-to-date user experience practices to help visitors find their answers and buy your products in as few clicks as possible. A careful integration of visual, interactive and information design means that your pages will be easy to scan, fast to load, and contain messages that support your goals.

5.Events Calendar

Events Calendar
Hotel, hospital, travel and other kinds of sites benefit from having calendars that are updated with relevant local events.

A hotel, for instance, might show dates and times of local theatrical shows, major sporting events or antique shows, while a hospital might have listings of local presentations in medical research or new clinical techniques.

To accommodate this need, Milestone Internet has created an automated Events Feed. It picks up data from various local data feeds, such as a theater league or a medical foundation, and automatically populates the site calendar.

Plus: each event in the calendar is linked to a page on your site that is automatically generated and populated with any additional details and relevant schema. Not only does this provide more info for users, but Google and other search engines give a higher value to a large population of pages of regularly updated local content.

6.Easy-to-use site tools

Easy-to-use site tools
The Milestone CMS is designed for daily text and image updating by non-technical business users working collaboratively, with easy-to-use tools and previews.

Users can also readily create and tailor a wide range of features, such as:
  • Photo galleries
  • Forms for creating RFPs for vendors
  • E-coupons
  • Signups to email lists
  • Milestone Local, a service that provides consistent local data like hours of operation to hundreds of listings
  • Open Graph tags for site content shared on social media
  • Landing pages for pay-per-click search campaigns that can be automatically generated from ad copy
  • A/B testing of alternate page elements for picking the most effective configuration
  • Personalization technology for directing the right offers, relevant banners or customized content at targeted users
  • Automated response detection, to present offers as visitors are about to leave your site
  • Automatic reminders for users who leave a shopping cart with an item to be purchased

7.Built-in compliance

Built-in compliance
The Milestone CMS is designed to create websites that are compliant with:
  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
  • Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1
  • The European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)

And Milestone will add compliance features to accommodate upcoming privacy regulations, such as the finalized European Union's e-Privacy Regulation or a possible federal privacy act in the U.S.

8.Business-focused insights

Business-focused insights
You can't manage what you can't measure, so Milestone CMS' built-in analytics measure effectiveness across your website.

Traffic and performance analytics from your website are integrated within Milestone Analytics, where all your brand's online KPIs reside - website and social media performance, online revenue, digital marketing campaigns, search engine PPC campaign results, analytics, email and phone tracking, and more.

9.Fast site access with always-on availability and site security

Fast site access with always-on availability and site security
  • Managed site hosting on a major cloud platform, with 24/7 monitoring
  • A high-end security infrastructure that protects your site from attacks
  • Utilization of Content Delivery Networks, for rapid delivery of content without regard to geography

10.Highest ROI, with lowest total cost of ownership

Highest ROI, with lowest total cost of ownership
Immediate increases in traffic, leads and revenue because of:
  • Built-in SEO for optimizing search results
  • Strategic visual and informational designs to make it easy for users to find what they want
  • A/B testing of which messaging or design works best, as well as such responsive measures as customized offers after cart abandonment
  • Lowest total cost of ownership, because so many capabilities that would otherwise be outsourced (e.g., technical SEO) are built in.

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