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CMS Features

Built-in features to drive search visibility and website conversions

Milestone CMS guides your business through the entire customer journey with built-in features. Enhance search visibility, drive conversions, engage your audience, and ensure 24/7 website monitoring for optimal performance.
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CMS Features

Search Discovery Features

Built-in features to drive search visibility
Search Discovery Features
  • Event calendar
    Event calendar
    Milestone Event Calendar maximizes your visibility on search, spotlighting events at your property or nearby to drive footfall and reservations. Showcase your events and local attractions, captivating visitors to plan an itinerary that includes your business. Enhance the appeal of your digital calendar and ensure every event stands out!
    • Simplify event management with our user-friendly setup options
    • Allow attendees to sign up or RSVP for events
    • Import an event stream for events around your property
    • Share events to drive visibility
  • Inventory Management
    Inventory Management
    For businesses overseeing product inventory, our integrated system streamlines management and display across all locations. Content and images are optimized for enhanced visibility in relevant search queries.
    • Easy record editing capabilities
    • Product details and images are optimized for search
    • Bulk upload inventory records and save time
    • Generate dynamic details for each inventory record with built-in logic
  • Visual search optimized assets
    Visual search optimized assets
    Seize visual search dominance! Milestone's Visual Enhancer optimizes images for prime visibility in Google's image search, local pack carousels, map features and more. Improve your images, draw clicks and get your customers to your doorstep.
    • Google-ready images with thorough quality checks and grading
    • Adhere to Google's safe search guidelines for image acceptance
    • Auto-generated meta tags for image SEO
    • Image AI analysis for entity identification
  • Newsroom
    Increase your online presence! With Milestone CMS Newsroom, your business stays ahead with trending news and day-to-day activities displayed dynamically. Enhance your search visibility with dynamic and fresh content that keeps your audience engaged and informed.
    • Simple and easy setup of your newsroom on your website
    • Centralize and optimize your newsroom resources
    • Add online press releases
    • Add link juice with social media links/feeds as part of newsroom

Conversion Features

Enable your website to effortlessly power revenue and turn visitors into customers!
  • Revenue Recovery Features
    Revenue Recovery Features
    Experience the power of Milestone CMS's Revenue Recovery framework, employing a dual strategy targeting booking and website abandonment. Personalized emails engage potential bookers, while enticing deals deter website abandonment. Reconnect with customers, boost conversions, and maximize revenue.
    • Display pop-up offers to entice a booking
    • Added to the cart? Setup a regular cadence of booking reminders
    • Choose the booking reminder frequency and schedule offers and mails
    • Track revenue that you have saved
  • Offers and Banners
    Offers and Banners
    Wow your customers with irresistible offers! Create limited-time deals or display banner offers on chosen web pages for quick purchases. Effortlessly set up discounts as your customers love them and keep your revenue flowing smoothly.
    • Easy offer templates to add, edit, and publish
    • Pre- and post-window form fills for Limited Time Offers
    • Display E-coupon and Banner offer across multiple pages
    • Track engagement and revenue earned from offers
  • Personalized campaigns
    Personalized campaigns
    Craft tailored campaigns for what customers want. With search optimized campaigns you'll be enhancing the user experience and boosting revenue. Manage geo-personalized campaigns, access insightful reports, conduct A/B testing, and explore internationalization—powered by both ML and manual approaches.
    • Craft hyperlocal campaigns based on geo personalization
    • Intuitive campaign reports to know where you’re winning
    • Select pages that work well with your audience using A/B Testing
    • Campaign internationalization powered by ML as well as manual
  • Web stories
    Web stories
    Attract non-branded top-of-funnel traffic with engaging Web Stories! Secure prime search space in Google Discover, captivate your audience with rich content, and convert like never before. Take your brand's presence right to the top.
    • Publish platform independent Google Web Stories with ease
    • Customize your stories to suit your brand
    • Property special CTAs (Call to Action) to draw traffic to your website/social channels
    • SEO-first tactics to drive discovery of your stories
Conversion Features

Engagement Features

Seamlessly connect and engage your audience across all touchpoints with our integrated applications
Engagement Features
  • AI-powered Content
    AI-powered Content
    Drive content creation efficiency with Milestone's AI Content Studio! Effortlessly ideate, create articles manually or auto generate using AI, manage, and optimize content at scale. Our content intelligence dashboard and built-in SEO approach ensure your content is written to match user intent.
    • Analyse your competition and trending topics with the Content Intelligence Dashboard
    • Scale your content creation with AI generation
    • Real-time SEO suggestions to power content visibility
    • SEO Insights to identify content opportunities
  • FAQ Management
    FAQ Management
    Ready for Google's Search Generative Experience? Milestone FAQ Manager empowers your business to effortlessly manage FAQs and conversational content across platforms. Optimize for rich results, provide instant answers, and captivate your audience with customer-centric content. Stay ahead by answering customer questions.
    • Curate customer questions from search listening tools
    • One-click publish to the website pages
    • Bulk post FAQs across your locations and channels
    • SERP and rich result tracking
  • Photo Gallery
    Photo Gallery
    Ignite desire and enhance experience! Transform your website into an enticing gateway with captivating photos and videos. Take your audience on an immersive journey, drawing them closer to a conversion. Leave a lasting impression and spark engagement with exceptional offerings.
    • Search optimized visual content
    • Create custom gallery pages
    • Centralize and categorize visual content
    • Dynamic image customizations for the gallery
  • Social Media Tools
    Social Media Tools
    Immerse yourself in the Social Lounge! Harness transparency and trust with user-generated content from tagged social media posts. Show website visitors the authentic experiences shared by others, instilling confidence and creating genuine connections.
    • Display your social media feed on your website
    • Customize the look and feel of the posts based on your brand style
    • Keep your website content fresh and engaging
    • Cherry-pick the posts you wish to display

Website Monitoring

Empower your business journey with Milestone CMS! We monitor compliance, enhance cross-channel performance, and provide insights for content and website improvements. We've got you covered, so you can stay focused on growing your business.
  • ADA, CCPA, GDPR compliant
    ADA, CCPA, GDPR compliant
    Unlock universal access and safeguard data with Milestone CMS! Our ADA and CCPA compliant webpages prioritize inclusivity, aligning with regulations and WCAG 2.2 guidelines. Boost search relevance by showcasing vital accessibility details. Plus, trust our GDPR-based data protection for added security.
    • 24/7 compliance and security monitoring
    • Accessibility-friendly navigation and keyboard functionalities
    • Data inventory to track data processing history
    • Monthly compliance reports
  • Actionable Insights Dashboard
    Actionable Insights Dashboard
    Seize the opportunity to outperform your competition! Stand out with Milestone Insights - your ultimate SEO-driven solution. Stay ahead with continuous audits that pinpoint strengths and opportunities, comparing metrics against your direct competitors. Our analysis propels visibility and authority, paving the way for search dominance.
    • Page Experience metrics in comparison with competitors
    • Page indexing and crawling against your competitors
    • Track your schema performance in terms of rich results
    • View your content and social performance and its relevance to your audience
  • Analytics
    Explore insights through our customizable dashboard! Analyse customer behavior, track search performance, and dive into location-specific data. Make confident, data-driven decisions seamlessly across omnichannel, merging online/offline transactions effortlessly.
    • Omnichannel analytics on a single dashboard
    • Drill down to in-depth franchisee reporting for select time periods
    • Compare performances and view performance trend data seamlessly
    • Native Analytics to know how your customers are interacting with your website
  • Lead tracking
    Lead tracking
    Capture and monitor your website and campaign leads effortlessly! Our unified dashboard tracks form leads, contacts, and location-specific details. Gain insights on leads across your entire business and each unique location/franchise.
    • Forms lead tracking across locations
    • Email campaign lead dashboard
    • Easy filters for efficient lead management
    • Automated lead response email templates
Website Monitoring

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Our Latest News and Posts

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Learn More About Milestone Solutions

Call us at +1-408-200-2211 or fill the form below .
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