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Content Orchestration

Content orchestration made effortless. One platform, multiple customer touchpoints.

Easy creation blocks, API integration and seamless delivery to multiple customer touchpoints. Stay relevant on search! Scale Your Content with Milestone CMS

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Content Orchestration

Hybrid-Headless Architecture

The omnichannel approach. Covering multiple customer touchpoints with one stroke.
Milestone Hybrid-Headless Architecture
  • Content Integration
    Milestone Content Integration
    Reach your audience everywhere with Milestone's CMS content integration. Create content once and publish it across websites, devices, channels and apps with our API-first approach. Ensure your business is easily discoverable by customers, no matter where they are.
    • Content delivery to screens, devices, apps via API
    • Intuitive UI for self-serve content creation and publishing
    • Cloud storage for seamless content retrieval
    • Microservices approach
  • Content Distribution to Apps
    Milestone Content Distribution to Apps
    Experience the cutting-edge power of Milestone CMS, leveraging hybrid headless architecture to deliver content to your apps seamlessly. Our API-driven approach enables content creation and management. The headless framework allows flexible content distribution across various platforms, ensuring an engaging, consistent user experience across web and mobile applications. 
    • Delivery via APIs
    • Control content – create, preview, publish
    • Real-time editing and updates
    • Content moderation across the business
  • Localization and Translation
    Milestone Localization and Translation
    Get discovered globally using our AI/ML real-time translation for 100+ languages. Reduce content production costs while maintaining consistent, appealing brand messaging for every audience worldwide. Empower your business to connect with the world!
    • 100+ languages
    • Real-time AI/ML translation
    • No lag between language sites going live
    • Auto-update content format/layout following changes
  • Data Centralization
    Data Centralization
    Accelerate your speed to market with Milestone's CMS. Seamlessly manage content using Milestone CMS. Centralize and optimize your assets for multiple websites, local listings and channels using our built-in Digital Asset Manager. Create once, map your locations and publish instantly - reducing inconsistencies saving time and effort. Simplify content management, enhance efficiency and lead the competition!
    • Asset Centralization using Milestone DAM
    • Centralize customer data using Milestone CDP
    • Streamlined analytics/reporting using Milestone PDP
    • Subscription-based models

Event Calendar

Events pages to drive visibility and foot traffic to your property
  • Digitization of Event Calendar
    Milestone Digitization of Event Calendar
    Milestone Event Calendar effortlessly showcases your events and nearby attractions on web pages, enticing visitors to plan exciting days at your property. Manage your digital calendar seamlessly. Ensure a constant stream of enticing offerings for your valued customers with a calendar full of exciting events!
    • Choose recurring or non-recurring events
    • Event moderation prior to publish
    • Publish dedicated event pages
    • Schedule events and set duration
  • Engagement
    Milestone Engagement
    Easily curate nearby or on-property events, boosting visibility and engaging your audience. With seamless publishing on your website lead your business to new heights of success!
    • Create and publish property events
    • Curate and publish nearby events
    • Schema deployment for rich result visibility
  • Events Feed
    Milestone Events Feed
    Empower your event success with our powerful features! Customize your events feed to showcase brand-aligned events. Select nearby or auto-accept events with ease. Experience a seamless, impactful event management platform. 
    • Set the radius to discover nearby events
    • Choose your preferences – art form, genre, etc.
    • Event moderation or auto-publishing
    • Select event timelines
  • Search Discovery
    Search Discovery
    Supercharge your events with Milestone Event Calendar's automatic schema integration. Elevate your search visibility with defined event entities and provide search engines with clear context.  Ensure your event's top relevant queries stand out in rich results. Experience semantic SEO at its finest and drive success with optimized event listings today!
    • Publish events with relevance to trends
    • Auto deployment of schema
    • Fresh and helpful content on your web pages
Milestone Event Calendar

Pre-configured Content Blocks

Unlock your creativity: Simplify content management with pre-configured and editable blocks!
Milestone Pre-configured Content Blocks
  • FAQs
    Milestone FAQs
    Effortlessly manage FAQs for conversational, helpful content. Making constant updates, additions, edits, and previews a breeze. 
    • Easy FAQ content creation and management
    • Enter meta details to drive SEO
    • Preview and publish real-time
    • Add images optimized for search using Milestone DAM
  • Limited Time Offers
    Limited Time Offers
    Milestone CMS' Limited Time Offers (LTO) feature creates a sense of urgency in the minds of your customers. Leverage pre-configured content blocks to display end dates and countdown timers, compelling customers to act swiftly. Elevate conversions and maximize the impact of your promotions with ease!
    • Manage LTO content and designs
    • Schedule multiple LTOs across your website
    • Customize LTOs for target audiences
    • Forms integration for lead generation
  • Social Lounge
    Milestone Social Lounge
    Stream user-generated content from social channels on your website through pre-configured content blocks. Feature tagged posts from satisfied customers and show visitors real experiences. Create authenticity and solid connections. Build trust and entice new customers to choose your business with confidence.
    • Manage the social posts you wish to publish
    • Create an immersive experience on your website
    • Customize the look and feel of the posts

Trusted CMS Partner for Major Brands

US Bank
IBC Bank
evergreen home loans
Outrigger Hotels - Resorts
Velas Resorts Mexico

Our Latest News and Posts

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Our Latest News and Posts

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Learn More About Milestone Solutions

Call us at +1-408-200-2211 or fill the form below .
Innovation is key in today's fast-paced business world. We are continuously improving our products and services to meet evolving client needs. See how Milestone's CMS can help yous to stay competitive and adapt to industry changes.

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