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Digital Experiences

Power seamless digital experience delivery with enterprise-class website features

Enterprise success relies on scalability, streamlined workflows, and rapid content deployment. Reach global audiences and meet their needs with Milestone CMS. Streamline Global operations!
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Digital Experiences


A future-proofed architecture tackling the evolution of search trends and customer behavior
  • Microservices
    Milestone Microservices
    Unleash the Power of Microservices: Milestone offers independent, efficient services developed, deployed, and managed as separate applications. Combine their brilliance on one platform and drive unprecedented system efficiency. 
    • Drive discovery – FAQs, Events, Blogs, Web Content
    • Engage – Local Posts, Reviews, Push Notifications
    • Convert - Offers, OTA Modules, Revenue Recovery
    • Centralized on one platform and integrated via APIs
  • API-Driven
    Orchestrate the interaction of your services with our API-driven approach. We can gather and transform data from backend microservices to deliver relevant outcomes at the front-end layer with the power of APIs. Streamline interactions and elevate your system with Milestone's MACH approach.
    • Efficient data exchange between software components
    • Seamless interactions within microservice-based ecosystems
    • Reduced complexity and increased scalability
    • Streamlined front-end exposure of relevant outcomes
  • Cloud Native
    Cloud Native
    Switch to Milestone's cloud-native approach for scalable development and delivery without the hassle of installation or maintenance. Automatic updates, zero downtime, and a secure future for your business with SLA. Cloud infrastructure ensures sophisticated scaling capabilities, ensuring seamless deployment of service components as and when needed.
    • Scalable development and delivery
    • Automatic updates with no downtime
    • Secured future with Service Level Agreements (SLA)
    • Flexible deployment of separate components as needed
  • Hybrid-Headless
    Milestone Hybrid-Headless
    Embrace hybrid headless architecture to deliver content to your apps effortlessly. API-driven content creation and management combined with a headless framework ensures consistent, engaging user experiences across platforms. Elevate your content delivery today!
    • Content delivery to screens, devices and apps via API
    • Intuitive UI for self-serve content creation and publishing
    • Cloud storage for seamless content retrieval
    • Microservices approach

Digital Asset Manager

Centralize. Optimize. Drive Discovery.
  • Centralize
    Milestone Centralize
    Streamline digital asset management across your business locations, eliminating inefficiencies and image duplication with asset centralization. Convert images to entities for optimized experiences on various devices and browsers, ensuring seamless interactions.
    • Centralize assets across locations and channels
    • Break asset silos. Eliminate duplicates
    • Intelligent filters: Size and tag-based search
  • Optimize
    Milestone Optimize
    Milestone's Digital Asset Manager optimizes assets for diverse devices and browsers, ensuring superior user experiences. The DAM streamlines content delivery, by converting images to entities, adapting to each platform's specifications. Whether on desktop, tablet or mobile, your digital assets remain consistently compelling and accessible, maximizing engagement and conversions.
    • Efficient compression, intelligent distribution
    • Uniform experience across all devices
    • Cross-browser support
    • Remove duplicates. Treat each asset as an entity
  • Drive Discovery
    Milestone Drive Discovery
    Milestone's Digital Asset Manager boosts search discoverability by implementing Image SEO strategies, making your assets highly searchable and accessible. Say goodbye to complexities and easily elevate your online presence using Milestone's efficient DAM solution.
    • Quality check and grading for every image
    • Search optimized with alt text and meta details
    • Optimized for speed and page experience
    • Safe search analysis based on Google's guidelines
Milestone Digital Asset Manager

Trusted CMS Partner for Major Brands

US Bank
IBC Bank
evergreen home loans
Outrigger Hotels - Resorts
Velas Resorts Mexico

Our Latest News and Posts

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Our Latest News and Posts

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Learn More About Milestone Solutions

Call us at +1-408-200-2211 or fill the form below .
Innovation is key in today's fast-paced business world. We are continuously improving our products and services to meet evolving client needs. See how Milestone's CMS can help yous to stay competitive and adapt to industry changes.

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