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Discovery First

The only SEO-first CMS platform on the market

Discover the world's first SEO-first CMS that addresses technical SEO requirements at the platform level. Drive the search visibility of your business like never before.
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Discovery First


Putting you in front of your customers on search with built-in SEO
Milestone SEO-First
  • Schema
    Milestone Schema
    Embrace the future of SEO with Milestone's semantic approach and automatic schema deployment. Power your website's entities for all search types, including text, image, voice, and video. Seamlessly optimize for voice searches and rich SERP results, ensuring maximum visibility and success!
    • Auto deployment of schema
    • Constant schema error monitoring
    • Rich result performance analysis
  • Indexability and Crawlability
    Milestone Indexability and Crawlability
    Milestone CMS removes the burden of monitoring technical issues like crawlability, indexability, broken links, and redirects. Our built-in SEO insights ensure your webpages are effectively crawled and indexed, giving them precedence on search, maximizing visibility, and delivering the best results to your audience.
    • 24/7 technical SEO audit
    • Opportunities and recommendations to improve performance
    • Direct competition comparison scorecard
  • Speed
    Reduce bounce rates and poor user experience by improving the load and speed of your web pages. Milestone CMS automatically optimizes your web pages for the page experience algorithm - ensuring optimal page speed and other factors such as Core Web Vitals, safe browsing, and HTTPs are met. Create an immersive experience!
    • Built-in Page Experience
    • 24/7 monitoring of page experience performance
    • Opportunities and recommendations to improve page speed
    • Page Experience performance Vs. Direct Competition
  • SEO Insights
    SEO Insights
    Discover the proof of using an SEO-first CMS with Milestone's SEO Panel. Showcase your website's comprehensive SEO value with real-time SEO checkmarks. Get insights on areas to address for enhanced visibility. Maximize your website's search presence and drive success on search.
    • Single dashboard with real-time performance indicators
    • 27/7 SEO monitoring
    • Automated business insights with recommendations
    • Compare SEO performance against your direct competition

Conversions and Revenue Drivers

Built-in apps to engage with your audience and drive conversions
  • Organic Traffic and Revenue Drivers
    Milestone Organic Traffic and Revenue Drivers
    Content is the gateway for your customers to your business. Relevance is essential. Our content marketing apps will ensure your content is optimized to reach its relevant audience by capturing the high-visibility positions on search. Our apps help you control your content, engage with your audience on search and drive conversions.
    • Drive hyperlocal relevance with Events, Menus, FAQs, Blogs
    • Easy content editing
    • Auto deployment of schema
    • SERP and rich result performance tracking
  • Forms and RFPs
    Milestone Forms and RFPs
    Convert leads into prospects effortlessly with Milestone CMS Forms and RFPs. Create customer-centric forms managed from a single dashboard. Monitor form performance to assess the impact on your customer journey. Elevate conversions and drive business success!
    • Create and deploy forms across your website
    • Customize forms to suit the customer journey
    • Manage customer forms and data
    • Monitor the impact of customer forms
  • Site Abandonment Module
    Milestone Site Abandonment Module
    Milestone CMS's Revenue Recovery framework employs a 2-pronged approach with booking abandonment and website abandonment features. Engage customers on the verge of booking with personalized emails and offer enticing deals to prevent website abandonment. Reconnect with customers, boost conversions, and maximize revenue!
    • Customize your booking reminder emails
    • Set up pop-up messages with offer details
    • Setup booking reminder frequency and schedule offers
    • Track the revenue won
Milestone Conversions and Revenue Drivers

Advanced Mobile

Driving visibility by offering mobile website users the best possible experience
Advanced Mobile
  • Accelerated Mobile Pages
    Accelerated Mobile Pages
    Achieve an ultra-fast website with Milestone's AMP framework. Convert high-traffic and critical pages to load lightning-fast. Prevent customer loss and meet page experience requirements for improved rankings. Enhance mobile user experience!
    • Mobile-friendly design for faster loading
    • Instant loading for return visitors with Google AMP cache
    • Drive conversions with enhanced user experience
  • Progressive Web Apps
    Milestone Progressive Web Apps
    Offering the best of both worlds - web pages and apps, Milestone Progressive Web Apps deliver an impressive native-app experience for website visitors. Enjoy improved page load speed, seamless navigation, and engagement with push notifications. Interact with customers even beyond your website, driving unparalleled engagement and success!
    • Faster load speed with data security
    • Local caching for faster performance for return users
    • Customizable push notifications for offers/updates
    • Notification enablement and CTA to drive conversions
  • Web Stories
    Web Stories
    Experience Milestone CMS's dynamic Web Stories! Increase engagement with captivating visuals and interactive elements. Boost search visibility through Google's Web Stories format, enhancing your online presence. Discover a powerful storytelling tool that leaves a lasting impact on your audience and drives organic traffic to your site.
    • User-friendly interface
    • Real-time updates
    • SEO-optimized content
    • Publish across multiple locations at once

Trusted CMS Partner for Major Brands

US Bank
IBC Bank
evergreen home loans
Outrigger Hotels - Resorts
Velas Resorts Mexico

Our Latest News and Posts

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Our Latest News and Posts

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Learn More About Milestone Solutions

Call us at +1-408-200-2211 or fill the form below .
Innovation is key in today's fast-paced business world. We are continuously improving our products and services to meet evolving client needs. See how Milestone's CMS can help yous to stay competitive and adapt to industry changes.

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