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Internet Marketing Products and Services

Milestone offers a complete suite of products and services for Internet marketing. A business's Internet marketing effort utilizes many distribution channels such as website, travel sites, email marketing, and GDS to achieve complete online visibility. Milestone knows how to drive clients to your business through your website and through these diverse Internet channels.
Our portfolio of products and services include the following:

Website Design -

This includes developing the marketing strategy , content and design for our clients' websites. Our range of client websites includes the following:
  • Independent Website Design
  • Branded/Franchised Website Design
  • Brand.com Website Design
Milestone Hotel Website Promotion

Website Promotion -

Once a website is designed with the right strategy and is fully-optimized for the search engines, Milestone will promote the website so that people can find it when they search for things relevant to your market. There are multiple strategies involved in the successful promotion of a website. Milestone's proven strategies are a mix of the following three strategies
  • Search Engine Optimization -

    Search Engine Optimization and Organic Promotion - Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an all-encompassing term that covers several aspects of organic promotion. Milestone's service promotes the website using several different techniques for organic optimization including website optimization for SEO and key directory listings.
  • Local Marketing Services -

    It is important to promote your business's website at the local online level: Local search is one of the highest revenue drivers for local businesses. Nearly 30% of queries now have local intent and one-third of the mobile searchers have local intent.
  • Pay-per-Click Marketing -

    Pay-per-Click marketing, also known as paid search marketing, is search engine promotion where your ad shows as a text link on the top or side of the search engine results page under "Sponsored Links" when people search for things that are relevant to your business.
  • eMail Marketing -

    Email marketing is one of the most effective communication and promotion vehicles in the internet marketplace, and is a revolutionary way to increase sales and profits. Milestone's permission-based email service will help you target, create, and deliver effective messaging with lightning speed that drives action and manages customer relationships.
  • Regional/Co-op Site Promotion -

    Milestone works with several brands to promote either individual franchisee websites on brand.com or to promote regional and corporate brand websites. All the promotion strategies described above are applied to the brand website promotion in conjunction with the guidelines established by the brand.

Brand and Chain Portal Website CMS -

Galexi™ is Milestone's state-of-the-art Content Management System that allows brand chains and management companies to rapidly deploy and manage websites for their members with great ease at a fraction of the cost of existing systems in the market today.

Social Media Marketing -

Social media has not only become a strategic point of interaction with customers, but is also a key element that impacts organic search rankings for  your business. Companies that strategically utilize social media are seeing significant benefits in terms of revenue and online placement.
  • Graviti™ Social Media Optimization -

    Graviti™ allows you to take command of your social media marketing campaigns. Graviti™ is a bundled social media optimization service that combines Milestone's social media expertise to provide businesses a consistent brand image across all channels.
  • Facebook Optimization -

    Increase your fan base, engagement, and loyalty with Milestone's Facebook optimization. Facebook enhances the business's organic listing, improves brand reputation, and allows the company to offer unique deals.
  • Image Optimization -

    Make your business discoverable through image search. Milestone will set up and optimize the company's Flickr account to increase traffic to the website and make the business appear in image searches. We have seen tremendous results from image search optimization.
  • Video Optimization -

    Online videos are one of the fastest growing forms of media on the Internet: make sure your videos are findable through video search. The online video developed for search engines is vastly different from the standard videos.
  • Twitter and Other Social Channel Optimization -

    Gain total channel saturation by setting up Twitter and other social channels. Ensure consumers find your business no matter where they search online.
  • Blogs -

    Blogs are similar to interactive online journals that update your website with fresh and new content that elevates your value and ranking with the search engines. By creating a blog for your business, you will be able to attract visitors looking for things to do in your market.
  • Hyperlocal -

    Connect with consumers in your area with highly targeted and locally relevant content. Hyperlocal helps build relevance in organic search engine results page ranking as well as local search.
  • Reviews -

    Increase reviews for your business. Most consumers check online review sites prior to making a purchase. And as a result, search engines consider these review channels as an important part of their algorithm.
Hotel eCommerce Tools

eBuzz Connect™ -

eBuzz Connect™ is a reviews and social media monitoring solution targeted specifically for hotels and restaurants to help monitor and manage their online reputation and social media channels from an integrated single dashboard interface.

Mobile Sites -

The use of mobile phones to access the Internet continues to increase. The key characteristics of a mobile website are ease of navigation, fast download time, and limited content for easy browsing on a mobile phone screen. Mobile websites are particularly important for local businesses as consumers on the go are more likely to look for businesses on mobile phones.

Website eCommerce Tools -

Milestone provides a tool chest of revolutionary services and products that help you accelerate your Internet marketing strategy. Utilizing the latest e-commerce technologies and creative marketing concepts, we have designed a comprehensive group of interactive tools that enhance conversion and generate additional revenue.
  • Milestone Booking Engine
  • E-Gift Certificate
  • RFP Tracker
  • E-Brochure
  • Milestone E-Survey

ROI Tracking -

Milestone provides state-of-the-art tracking services to determine the return on investment from the marketing efforts. The beauty of the Internet marketing efforts vs. offline marketing is that the results from marketing campaigns can be tracked, which enables our clients to determine the effectiveness of the campaigns.
  • ROI Wizard - Website Analytics
  • Phone Wizard - Tracking
  • Client Dashboard
  • Client Reviews

Website and Email Hosting -

Milestone manages your complete Internet marketing campaign, including website and email hosting, after the production of your website. We provide state-of-the-art managed website hosting solutions with guaranteed 100% uptime. Your website and data are located in a secured datacenter, where we also maintain a current back-up of your site that is always ready to re-stage.

Vacation Rentals -

Milestone Internet Marketing provides products and services to help vacation rental managers engage with their customers and drive revenue. With over 1,300 lodging customers, Milestone is in the unique cutting-edge position of digital media technology for the vacation rental industry.