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Milestone Voice Solutions, Changing How You Interact with Your Customers

According to the Gartner Group, 30% of all web browsing will be performed on screen-less devices in the next few years. How does a consumer-facing business adapt to how people search today and be ready for tomorrow? How do you make sure that when consumers ask questions about your business or industry, the answers are ones that you provide?
Questions Converted into Skills and Answers on Voice Platforms

Your Answers on Google & Alexa

Milestone voice solutions let you discover the questions people are asking and lets you create frequently asked questions (FAQs) that are converted into "skills" and "answers" on voice platforms. Milestone Voice gives you the power to get in front of consumers and answer their relevant answers.
  • Discover questions being asked about your business
  • Create answers and publish them to your website as voice skills and actions
Website Voice Search Optimization

Solutions, the Milestone difference

Combining our voice search services with Milestone FAQ Manager gives you the benefit of our unique "software + services" approach. We research your consumer questions, work with you to craft perfect answers, and use Milestone FAQ Manager to help your business curate and publish voice-answers to devices like Google Home and Alexa.
  • Milestone curates and manages the whole process for you
  • We can update and research new questions on an ongoing basis
  • Website voice search optimization consulting
Voice Search Reporting Platform

Analytics to Understand and Adapt

Milestone voice solutions comes with in-depth analytics to help you understand how your content is being used, track voice search queries, and provide insights into opportunities to improve.
  • Full voice-reporting platform
  • Track voice queries and activities
Ask our experts
  • What is voice search optimization?

    Voice search optimization refers to the best practices content creators and SEOs use to ensure a page will return results for a voice-driven query. This includes content that answers FAQs, content that is marked up with schema, and content that is optimized with conversational keywords.
  • How to optimize for voice search?

    Optimizing for voice search starts by understanding your audience and aligning the content of your page with their core search intent. Focus on conversational keywords, related topics and entities, and develop content that answers FAQs, as FAQs are a common form of voice search. Ensure that your page content is marked up with schema to provide context to the search algorithm.
  • What does voice search do?

    Voice search provides an easy way for consumers to find information by interacting with their web browser or devices through speech and natural language. Voice-enabled devices will read results from the featured snippets in the zero position. Google uses machine learning to identify content that is most relevant to the query and provides an authoritative answer.
  • How to turn on voice search?

    Enabling voice search will differ depending on your device. From the Google home page, as well as in Google’s Android and iOS apps, you can perform a voice search simply by clicking on the microphone next to the Google search bar, then speaking your search query aloud.
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