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Custom Digital Marketing Business Strategies

Search engine algorithms and technology are evolving at a rapid pace. Google alone makes hundreds of updates each year to their algorithms. With that level of change and innovation, Milestone ensures that our digital marketing strategies continue to innovate with the technological changes to help our clients maintain their leadership positions.
Customized Strategies based on Digital Marketing Trends

Customized strategies based on digital marketing trends

Organic search promotion is an ongoing process. Search engines constantly evolve and new trends and technologies keep emerging. On a quarterly basis, Milestone evaluates key trends from the previous three to six months and creates custom strategies to take advantage of changes in search technology and algorithm trends.
Even seemingly small changes in search algorithms can have significant impact. When Google announced that a business could update their Google MyBusiness profile with images, Milestone quickly implemented this change for clients - leading to dramatic results.
Ongoing SEO Optimization and Trend Setting

Ongoing SEO optimization and trend setting

Milestone's SEO promotion is a continuous process. We regularly evaluate the optimization of your site against targeted search terms. We provide periodic updates to ensure your website is up-to-date with the latest technology in the search universe.
Idea Lab – Staying Ahead of The curve

Idea Lab – Staying ahead of the curve

Milestone's Idea Lab initiative has helped us stay ahead of the curve. Our R&D division, Idea Lab helps us anticipate search trends, develop cutting edge technologies and omnichannel solutions to complex business and marketing problems. Idea Lab adopts a simple, yet time-tested approach to problem solving:
  • Why does it matter? Approach a problem or challenge based on the impact it has on our clients' business.
  • What is the solution? Breaking down challenges to the smallest solvable components and adopting an iterative testing-based approach to finding solutions.
  • How can the solution be scaled? This feeds both testing and innovation feeding product development and innovation
  • What is the impact? Even after a solution is found, we continue to test, measuring impact of each iteration, building case studies for every success and retrospectives for every failed test.
Our "Crisis-Recovery-Growth" (CRG) framework was among the more recent outputs of Idea Lab. Our "Recovery Funnel" for the hospitality industry has provided an actionable blueprint for businesses trying to recovery after the COVID-19 crisis.
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