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Local SEO Citation Building Helps Your Business Visibility

A local citation is an online mention of your business, which includes the URL (website address), Name, Address and Phone Number. A combination of this information is together referred to as UNAP. Local SEO citations mostly appear on online directories, business listing directories and websites.
They can also be present on apps and social platforms. It is important to note that a citation may not necessarily include a link back to your website. Google can identify the mention of your website through the UNAP and thereby give credit for this mention. The more mentions your local business has on the web, the more value and trust it creates with search engines.
Boost Local Search Rankings and Prominence with Local Citations

Boost local search rankings and prominence

The quality of the platform on which local citations appear, the accuracy and consistency of the citation, and the amount of online local citations a business has together impact rankings. When a business is accurately and consistently mentioned by prominent national and local online directories that search engines trust, it strengthens the reputation of the business. Google and Bing both use citations as a factor in local search rankings, which makes local SEO citation building not only useful but also essential for Local SEO rankings.
Increase the Reputation and Revenue of a Business with help of Local Citations

Getting in front of your customers

When customers are in their research phase they use local citations to find products and services. When citations provide accurate and complete information about a business they are able to connect with the business using the phone, email or even by walking into the physical store. This helps to increase the reputation and revenue of a business as more and more potential customers are able to discover a local brand and trust it.
Major Sources of Local SEO Citations

What are the major sources of Local SEO citations?

From core search engines like Google and Bing to major data aggregators, there are a variety of sources for receiving local citations. A few of the major local SEO citation sources include:
  • Google My Business
  • Bing Places
  • Yelp
  • Yext
  • Manta
  • Facebook, etc.
Google My Business (GMB) and Bing Places are the most prominent ones and will give your citation building efforts a good start.
Grow business awareness with local SEO citation building

Grow business awareness with local SEO citation building

For more than a decade, Milestone has demonstrated proven expertise in creating and optimizing local citations that consistently generate strong awareness and revenue for our clients across verticals like hospitality, retail, automotive, banking and more.
Milestone has researched numerous sources and based on experience find only the best citation sources based on your category and nature of business. Milestone uses leading local citation platforms like GMB, Bing and aggregators like Yelp, InfoUSA, and FourSquare, etc. for automatically submitting istings to create citations for our clients.
With the help of our team of local SEO experts, Milestone can create, optimize and update local citations for single to multi-location businesses on an ongoing basis. Milestone's automated process, experience and expertise gives you the edge your business needs.
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