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Build your local presence across directories and get found by searchers

Building local presence especially for multi-location business can be a challenge primarily because the data gets dirty as it is channeled from the main source, to aggregators (GMB, Google Maps, Yelp, Bing, etc.), apps and listings (Uber, Yelp, Waze, etc.) and finally to the end points (Desktops, mobiles, tablets, voice assistant, tablets) and having a centralized system to keep a track of the data across all your locations is a must.

Managing profile completeness and not just UNAP

Building local presence doesn't stop and start with UNAP. In fact, profile completeness can be achieved using Milestone Local by optimizing more than 30+ fields on the core listing as well as other popular and high to medium traffic directories. Listing Management can be categorized in 4 areas - Core, Business, Media. and Engagement.
  • Core: Accurate URL with UTM (Urchin Tracking Module), address, service areas, phone with tracking, business categories, and map markers
  • Business: Description, Amenities, Regular & Special Hours, Popular Hours, Menu and links for online ordering
  • Media: Business photos and videos
  • Engagement: Verified Listings, Q&As (FAQs), Reviews and Google Posts

An omnichannel content distribution strategy to take your business everywhere

To cover as many customer touchpoints as possible and achieve sustainable local presence online, start optimizing your local presence on the core listings such as Google My Business, Facebook, Yelp, Bing and Google Maps using Milestone Local's centralized platform. Don't stop there, look to build your presence in other relevant directories and aggregators, maps and social platforms.

Monitor duplicate listings to build and achieve trust

Regarding building customer trust, first earning the trust of the search engine to display your listing for a relevant query is equally important. Don't leave your customers hanging, Milestone Local has a well-oiled listing management system in place to flag duplicate listings and delete them from channels and directories across the board.

Analyze your listing management and reviews performance using Milestone Insights & Analytics

Using Milestone's Insights and Analytics you can check your UNAP completeness score and view the channels and directories that your listings have been published to, view important KPIs of your business to create a strategy, view common review keywords to improve your business's services and benchmark your performance against your direct competition - to build a holistic business strategy to improve your local presence.
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