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  • Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization Services

At Milestone, we understand that user behaviors are not static. To stay current and ahead of changing user behaviors and needs, we use sophisticated conversion rate optimization techniques like A/B testing and multi-variate testing to continuously improve your site.
We start with usability

We start with usability

User research makes the difference
At Milestone, we build websites that are usable in every sense of the word: fast, organized, clear, and compatible across devices. Our user experience is based on usability studies that tell us what type of content, navigation, design, and layouts influence your audience.
  • Usability-study based approach
  • Focus on content, navigation, design and layout
The role of testing

The role of testing

A continuous improvement cycle
We also understand, however, that user behaviors change and that the process of finding the "perfect" conversion strategy is an evolving and continuous improvement cycle. That's why at Milestone we offer a full range of A/B Testing and Multi-Variate testing services designed to identify the key improvements - often nearly un-noticeable - that drive significant return in increased conversions and, ultimately, revenue.
  • A/B testing & split-page testing
  • Multi-variate testing
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