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Milestone Analytics is our digital marketing and distribution channel analytics platform. Gain 24/7 access to performance data to measure your website, local listings, social media, reviews, and paid search performance. Gain insights into distribution channel performance and provide users with intuitive dashboard-based reporting.
Avoid time consuming manual reports

Avoid time-consuming manual reports

Make decisions when they matter - instantly
Avoid the days and weeks spent manually downloading, consolidating, and distributing reports from multiple desperate data sources. Save time and money through an automated dashboard-based multi-user approach.
  • Simple, intuitive access to data in real-time
  • Manage your digital marketing directly form the dashboard
  • Reduce costs of multi-data consolidation
One version of the truth, across the business

Promote one vision, across the business

Avoid spreadsheet confusion
Avoid creating nightmarish multiple spreadsheets that become siloed. Put everyone on the same page through consolidated marketing reporting.
  • One, single-point solution for all marketing reporting
  • Review performance across channels
  • Visualize critical KPIs like Revenue, ADR, bookings, spend etc.
One place for all your location-based reporting

One place for all your location-based reporting

Stop reading PDFs, start making decisions
Analyze multiple locations, multiple brands, and regions from a single, consistent, easy-to-use dashboarding system
  • Consolidate multiple locations in one dashboard
  • Create consistent reports for all users
Consolidate and normalize brand KPIs

Consolidate and normalize brand KPIs

Compare information in seconds, not hours
Management and multi-brand franchise operations can consolidate multi-brand reports to create a single, rolled-up view of the business, making cross brand comparisons simple.
  • Create rolled-up views of marketing performance across brands
  • Compare brand performance without managing multiple reports or data sources

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