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Helpful Content Strategy in 2023

Helpful Content Strategy in 2023

Effective content marketing in 2023 requires brands to prioritize high-quality, useful content creation that resonates with their target audience. In this eBook, we'll briefly explore the evolution of content and search, how to develop a content strategy around the target audience's customer journey in 2023, and how to measure the impact of helpful content that allows creators to enhance the user experience to ultimately generate more bookings.

In this eBook, you will learn about how to develop a helpful content strategy in 2023

  • Helpful content: Meets the needs of your audience persona across the buying journey.
  • Analyze, benchmark, and score your existing content.
  • Align content efforts with the audience intent stage and pick the right success KPIs.
  • Prioritize based on business goals and growth potential.
  • Create a plan, execute the plan, track performance, and scale/pivot.
  • Enhance content to close topical gaps.
  • Answer relevant questions throughout your site.

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