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Display Advertising
Display and remarketing advertising services target users that have shown interest in your product.
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Display Advertising Services for Hotels

Display advertising allows businesses to show text or image/banner ads on websites. With remarketing, online advertisers can target users who visit parts of your website or demonstrate interest. The Google Content Network reaches  90% of global Internet users and serves more than a trillion impressions to over 1 billion users every month. Milestone uses remarketing to display your business' ad to users based on their past website interactions. This allows us to target more relevant online users and provide a more useful ad to match their interests.
Milestone helps your business run on Google Display Select, a new marketing product that runs on the search network. Google will show Google Display Network (GDN) ads to people who are a match to user intent for a set of keywords. If someone is looking for a hotel room in Miami but does not see your search ad, Google sees their keyword "hotels in Miami" and shows an image or text ad.  This channel builds interest among users who may not know about your hotel.
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