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Pay Per Click Marketing

Pay-per-Click Marketing for Hotels

Pay-per-Click marketing, also known as paid search marketing, is search engine promotion where your ad shows as a text link on the top or side of the search engine results page under "Sponsored Links" when people search for things that are relevant to your business. You only pay when the consumer clicks on your ad. How much you pay is determined by online bidding between all advertisers - the position of your ad depends on the bid, ad quality score, relevancy of landing pages, etc. Milestone recommends that the client conducts paid search campaigns in conjunction with organic optimization. Milestone utilizes state-of-the-art technology to track the confirmed reservations and the phone activity generated as a result of pay-per-click campaigns.

Internet Marketing Promotion Products by Milestone

Milestone PPC Process -

Milestone uses its extensive background in the hospitality search engine marketing industry to optimize the campaigns and fine-tune the campaigns to maximize the return. The following is the process we provide to our PPC clients:
  • Custom keyword research: multiple keyword research tools are used to define key themes of keywords to
    create ad groups
  • Ad copy writing: multiple variations of ad copy are written for each ad group
  • Custom landing pages: custom landing pages are utilized offering specials to increase conversions
  • Information at each step is provided to client for feedback

Ongoing Management -

Milestone's strategies and methodology drive a significant return on investment for our clients. Some key elements of our differentiation include using our lodging industry background to select keywords, define geo-targeting, and direct the ongoing management of campaigns. In addition, Milestone uses Marin Software to manage PPC campaigns, assigns an account manager to paid clients, and provides daily maintenance and reviews to enhance the ROI from the campaigns.
Pay Per Click Marketing

Marin Software -

Milestone partners with Marin Software, the #1 pay-per-click bid management application in the world with $2.1 billion in marketing spend. Marin delivers powerful ad-hoc analytics that can be tailored to meet the unique needs of each of Milestone's clients. Marin allows for cross-publisher bulk editing, advanced targeting, scheduled actions, dynamic campaigns, and automatic keyword generation.
In addition, with Marin, Milestone is able to offer its clients the following benefits
  • highly customized reports at any level of granularity
  • ability to set unique rules and goal-based bidding optimization at the keyword level
  • capability to quickly add, change, and remove keywords to adjust the campaign
  • ability to apply advanced keyword filters for more efficient optimization

Account Manager Assignment -

Each paid search client receives an individual account manager who will work with him/her on managing the campaign and daily maintenance and review.

Maintenance and Review -

The account manager works with the client to maintain his/her PPC campaign based on the changing competitive landscape. This includes adding new keywords, adjusting bids, changing keyword match types, finding new opportunities and staying up-to-date with what is going on in PPC, and competitive analysis.

Banner/Display Advertising -

Display ads target groups of users who visit certain parts of your website, or demonstrate certain interests, and show specific ads to them as they browse the Google Content Network. Milestone will tag pages of the website that correspond to certain categories the hotel wants to promote. With remarketing, Milestone can display your hotel's ad to a user based on his past interactions with a website. This allows Milestone to target a more relevant user and provide a more useful ad that interests them.

Google Content Network -

Google Content Network's banner/display advertising helps to generate new customers & brand awareness. This channel, especially, builds interest among users who may not even know about your hotel. Google Content Network reaches more than 80% of the global Internet users and serves more than 6 billion ad impressions each day across hundreds of thousands of websites. A healthy percentage of the total clicks in your entire campaign is dedicated in building brand awareness among audiences that would not find you via search.

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