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What Are Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)?

An FAQ (frequently asked question) is a medium for organizations, companies, businesses, and individuals to answer possible concerns of their customers about the products and services on offer. The organization authors the question and answer to preclude the customer being misled or misinformed and, in the process, informs and builds trust with customers.
Unlike community forum Q&As, FAQs have a single answer and no alternate answers can be added by users, and it is verified and single source of truth of the business, which helps customers make an affirmative decision.
What are Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)?

Why do businesses need FAQs on their website?

Google's BERT update stressed that search is now all about long-tail and conversational content to give searchers the ‘single right answer' and with 46% of all searches carried out online having local intent and 80% of all searches consisting of informational intent. FAQs have become an essential asset for businesses to meet these search and customer intent requirements.
FAQs are a natural platform for business to structure conversation content with informational intent suiting the search engine's approach to improve the user experience of customers online.
Subsequently, by creating content with such an approach, the business is automatically optimizing to be the voice search answer. That said, the power of FAQs aren't just limited to creating informational and conversational content for voice search, and FAQs go beyond these benefits in helping a business. Including the voice search benefit, let's take a look at why your business needs FAQs on its website:
Customer Experience

Customer Experience

Searching and not finding answers about a business can get frustrating. By proactively answering common questions about their products, services and business details (location, hours of service, special status mentions, etc.), businesses deliver a superior experience to customers looking for answers


FAQs improve the chances of SERP saturation of the content as a featured snippet, as an FAQ, in the People Also Ask section, in the Local 3-Pack and as an answer for a How-to query
Voice Search

Voice Search

The question & answer format of FAQs match the conversational answer type of voice search. Therefore, there are higher chances of FAQs getting picked as a preferred voice answer and getting placed as a featured snippet on search for being the most relevant answer

Consistent Brand Image

Customers use multiple channels to look for answers about a business. If FAQs are managed well and are consistent across all channels, it builds trust with potential and existing customers. In fact, according to Forbes Magazine, having consistent brand answers improves the business's revenue by 23%.

Reduce Support Time

By publishing answers to commonly asked questions, businesses can reduce the time spent by sales & support teams in individually answering the same question to multiple customers
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