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How do you optimize for the best reviews?

Putting the words optimizing and best reviews in the same sentence string could be misleading for businesses as there's no way you can predict the nature of customers and their perspective on services or products - "to each his own" could be a precise expression. Not even the biggest brands are spared from negative feedback but how they deal with them is the biggest difference. If you wish for your business to be on the receiving end of more positive feedback than negative, ensuring that your business responds to negative feedback in a timely and courteous manner is the first step. Build a relationship irrespective of the situation and ensure that your services or product meets their expectation. Ensure that your business is transparent about your reviews, products and services to build trust and in no way should you mislead potential customers just for a sale. From your part, you could use visual representations of your products and services to ensure potential customers know exactly what they're in for. Most businesses face flak for not meeting up to their promises of their services or products and ensuring that promises meet expectations is the best remedy to optimize for the best reviews.
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How do you optimize for the best reviews?
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