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How do you manage reviews?

Milestone offers its clients an online reputation management tool called Milestone Presence Cloud Reviews module for businesses to manage their reviews. Businesses have to deal with a growing number of local directories that contain reviews of their listings and having a tool to manage reviews for damage control of their reputation, engaging with customers, and improving their services based on feedback is imperative. Using Milestone Reviews, businesses can manage reviews and ratings in real-time, configure the best responses, and can also use it as competitive benchmarking as you can also fetch your closest competitor reviews - all on a single screen. In brief, here are some of the key features of Milestone's Reviews module:
  • Track ratings and reviews for multiple directories for all your business locations on one platform
  • Filter ratings & reviews you receive by date range, property, review source, ratings, etc.
  • Track trending keywords across multiple reviews (e.g. if ‘dirty' is a trending keyword, that could indicate the need to improve cleanliness)
  • Directly respond to customer reviews on Facebook, Google, Yelp, etc., from Milestone Presence Cloud
  • Businesses can also configure a set of standard responses against various ratings (We are delighted.. for a 5-star rating; We are concerned…for a 1-star rating)
  • Track competitor reviews for various locations and use them for benchmarking purposes
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How do you manage reviews?
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