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  • Digital Marketing Platform and Technology to Drive Revenue and Traffic From Search
    One Cloud-Based System
  • Digital Marketing for Hospitality
    See how The Kitano Hotel New York increased direct revenue by 35%
    Milestone Inc Kitano Increased Direct Revenue
  • Milestone Drives Business for Financial Services
    See how Milestone helped Homebridge grow traffic by 42%
    Milestone Drives Business for Financial Services
  • Award-winning Digital Marketing Agency
    Website Design, SEO, Paid Marketing, Social Media
    Milestone Drives Business for Financial Services
  • Milestone is Now a Yelp Knowledge Partner
    Manage your Yelp profile and reviews in the Milestone Platform
    Milestone Announces Yelp Partnership
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Your One Source For Digital Marketing Software & Services
Control your digital voice, drive traffic, capture market share

Manage your business information online with the Milestone Presence Cloud. Create a unified profile that is shared on Amazon, Google, Alexa, Facebook, Yelp and hundreds of other sites. Build compelling websites that drive revenue and conversion and engage with consumers on social channels to build brand ambassadors all from a single, easy to use, and secure platform.

Monitor your online reputation, respond to reviews, analyze your competitive position in the digital world and make better marketing decisions. Drive organic and local business with the most in-depth, omni-channel analytics platform - the Milestone Presence Cloud.

Milestone Inc. is the leading digital marketing agency, with an innovative software + service approach. We help businesses across many industries - hospitality, retail, financial, automotive, and healthcare - drive organic and local business and control their entire digital presence and performance.

We help you optimize marketing spend by understanding what's working and identifying critical competitive opportunities for your online business.

Milestone Inc Product CMS
Award Winning Content Management
Milestone Inc Product Mlocal
Manage Your Local Presence
Milestone Inc Product Social
Connect With Customers On Social Media
Milestone Inc Product Reviews
Manage Reviews From a Single Platform
Milestone Inc Product Analytics
Multi-Channel Digital Marketing Analytics
Milestone Inc Product Insights
Digital Marketing Competitive Analysis

Digital Marketing Services that Drive Results

Strategies, software and products that engage customers across the user journey
We never "just sell you software." Milestone is your strategic partner with products across every customer touchpoint. Milestone brings over 20 years of experience and 400+ awards in website design and digital marketing to help you create compelling websites and award-winning campaigns that drive ROI and grow revenue.
A Creative Digital Marketing Agency + Software Company
For more than 20 years, Milestone has helped businesses in retail, hospitality, financial services, automotive, and healthcare industries - improve digital traffic and revenue. Our integrated approach to solving unique business challenges means exceptional results.
What clients have said about us
Homebridge Financial Services, Inc.
Milestone provides one of the most sophisticated platforms for location-based businesses in the market. Their unique combination of software + services makes for a powerful 1-2 punch for financial institutions.
Milestone: A Trusted Partner For Hotel Website Design
Milestone has been our trusted partner for many years and has managed our website & digital marketing for our hotels. Their technological leadership is unmatched and they have helped us grow our direct business and deliver a better experience to our customers.
Our CSM Was Really Helpful During Our Transition Period
Really appreciate our Customer Success Manager and his efforts as he stepped into a situation where our entire portfolio was transitioning. We only have great things to say about him, his recommendations and assistance through the transition process.
Our Occupancy Has Increased By 35% Since Our New Site Went Live
Milestone offered us strategic marketing advice on the things that our target clients were looking for in our local region and helped us target these customers on the internet.
Happy With Milestone, They Are Extremely Helpful And Knowledgable
Account manager is extremely helpful and willing to go the extra step to make sure we are comfortable with the information. Her explanations are to the point and knowledgable! You can tell she has researched our account and is familiar with our websites. She cares and that is key in making clients happy!!!
Milestone's Knowledge Is Really Top Notch!
For more than 10 years their entire team has been a pleasure to work with. They are extremely quick at completing any requests or changes to our websites and make great suggestions allowing us to stay ahead of the hotel industry's evolving market trends. Their ROI reports and quarterly reviews are very comprehensive and show us how our business continues to grow each year as a result of their websites. They really seem to appreciate us as a customer. You won't be disappointed with them.
Milestone Is Right On Target. Milestone Worked With Us To Develop An Exciting New Website For Our Unique Property
In addition to optimizing the site, Milestone stressed the importance of creating packages to offer customers. Milestone assisted us in developing a core group of packages especially suited for our area. Our new site has been up and running for only two weeks and in that time we have booked 10 packages and have received several calls. We are thrilled.
Our New Independent Website Is One Of Our Most Profitable Channels
Since going live with our new website by Milestone, the revenue generated from this channel has increased substantially year after year. The return on investment has been the highest among the distribution channels. The Milestone dashboard is very easy to use and their personalized service is exceptional. Additionally, their account managers are always prompt in answering any correspondence.
Milestone Truly Understands Our Industry, And Takes An Integrated Approach To Digital Marketing
In addition, Milestone continuously improves and expands its products and stays current in this quickly changing digital age. Milestone products and support enable us to manage our website and social media at will. The quarterly ROI calls show us the tremendous impact these products and services have on business. I've been extremely happy with Milestone - whether one needs help starting a small eCommerce Campaign or is looking to develop an extensive strategy I'm happy to recommend them to anybody!
Milestone websites recognized at the 2018 WebAwards
December 12, 2018
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Your privacy and security are a top priority. We will not distribute or sell your personal information to any third parties. Please visit our privacy policy page to contact us to review or delete data collected.