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Website Design and Development

Internet Marketing Website Design Solutions

Milestone has developed websites for over 1500 organizations. Our website design solutions are targeted to a wide range of customers - independent websites, branded websites, and brand/regional portal solutions. We tailor our web design methodology to the specific needs of the website and the client. Milestone differentiates itself from most of the competition because our websites are optimized for search engines in the design phase. Careful attention to detail is paid to make these sites appeal to online surfers as well as to search engines. Milestone's unique approach to developing a website results in powerful e-commerce sites for our clients. At the simplest level, our website design process consists of the following steps:

Research -

Research is the most critical aspect of the internet marketing strategy for a website. Before Milestone embarks on promoting and marketing your website, we will conduct thorough online research of your markets and make strategy recommendations. We conduct the research based on information provided to us by the client regarding the location of the business, other local attractions/demand generators, and the unique positioning of the business.
Our strategies are based on several years of practical industry experience in selling and marketing hotels, restaurants, vacation rentals, spas, etc. We have developed a very well defined process for conducting keyword research. This process enables us to come up with an effective keyword strategy that lays the foundation for a high return on investment.

Search Engine Optimized Content -

Once the strategy is finalized, Milestone creates search engine optimized content for the website. Each page of the website is focused on a unique keyword theme or category. As a result, if you have 25 pages on your website, you have 25 virtual sales people on the internet, each one focusing on a different market segment. Milestone uses a theme-based approach to developing content which makes the position of the website on search engine results more stable.
Milestone uses professional copywriters with several years of experience in writing for the lodging industry to create the titles, keywords, description, and body copy for each page. Milestone websites have increased click through rates because of carefully crafted meta description tags, body copy, and title tags, which help in capturing great snippets on the search engine screens.

Website Design

Website Designs That Come Alive -

We focus on creating effective, high-quality websites that perform well in the search engines and appeal to site visitors. Websites designed by Milestone greatly enhance the image of the business while driving visitors and online revenue to the business. Milestone designs each site with a customized architecture best suited to the particular client's needs. The architecture and design of the site is built to reflect the unique selling points of the business, keeping in mind the local and regional factors. We focus heavily on simplicity, ease of navigation, and the need to convert visitors into buying customers.
Milestone's Hotel Internet Marketing Website Design

Branding and Imaging -

Milestone's design team pays special attention to the business's branding and image during the design process. Each website design is created with the business's image, target clientele, and brand in mind. Client inputs are integrated with the creativity of our design team to develop websites that tell the story that each unique business wants to communicate. Javascript and flash images are used to enhance the impact of the website.

Navigation -

The choice and placement of navigation buttons including reservation menus is integral to keeping visitors on a website and increasing your conversion rate. With our extensive search industry background, we understand the key elements that consumers are searching for on sites. All of these factors are taken into account while designing your website. The most compelling informational items are placed in the path that a human eye follows while scanning a website. Milestone websites are designed to have multiple calls to action on each page, which results in higher conversion.

Technology -

Milestone uses the latest guidelines and technologies to develop our websites. We stay at the leading edge of the innovation curve which provides our clients with a significant technological advantage over their competitors. Our state-of-the-art Content Management System gives our clients 24 x 7 access to the website and the ability to make edits and changes to the website.

Brand Websites -

Milestone has been working with several branded chains, such as InterContinental Hotels Group, Hyatt, Choice Hotels, Best Western International, Wyndham Worldwide, Hilton, and many others to understand the brand guidelines for independent and branded websites. Some brands allow for the development of independent websites with certain guidelines while others only allow brand.com websites.
Milestone works with several brands to develop both independent sites and to enhance brand.com websites. For branded properties, Milestone designs integrate the guidelines and policies established by the chains, simultaneously utilizing Milestone's innovative approach to creating distinctive sites for each brand. This makes the sites consistent with the "look and feel" of the brand, while offering the individual business a unique identity.

Website Packages and Options -

Milestone offers custom packages to make it easier for you to customize the features and services for your website and to match your budget with your internet marketing goals.
Call today. A Milestone online strategist will help you choose a promotion plan which best fits your budget and online marketing strategy.