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Local SEO Marketing and Reviews Management Tools

Get your content, business information, and brand message in front of your customers. People use thousands of online channels and devices to access your business information, including Apple Maps that handles more than 3B requests and Waze used by 8M people a week. Consumers look for you in their browsers, phones, navigation systems, voice assistants, and their intelligent agents.
How do you ensure your information is relevant and up to date? Milestone Local ensures you are found everywhere and that your business information is accurate and consistent across all local directories. And with Milestone Reviews, you can monitor, track and respond to customer comments from a single platform to make data-driven decisions.
Local SEO Marketing and Reviews Management Tools - Milestone Inc.
Manage Multiple Business Locations Seamlessly with Milestone Local

Get found everywhere with Milestone Local

Milestone Local ensures your single and multi-location businesses are found on local directories and across all channels and that your information is consistent, accurate, and optimized. Here are some key benefits:
  • Enhanced listings for a better search presence
  • Beyond UNAP with hours, photos, services, FAQs, and reviews
  • Manage multiple business locations seamlessly
  • API-based and service-based updates ensure accurate data across all channels
  • manage your reputation and respond from one platform, Milestone Reviews
  • Ongoing data submission updates and search algorithm enhancements
Get accurate business information from Milestone Local

Cleanse, publish, get found-Get accurate business information to your customers

Potential customers use thousands of channels and devices to access your local business information. Are you being found, everywhere? Correctly? Consistently? Milestone Local lets you easily:
  • Avoid penalties on Google for mismatching data
  • Cleanse, validate against major sites and sources and publish
  • Get your data converted to the right format for submission

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Enhance visibility, boost conversions through Milestone Local

Enhance visibility, boost conversions-Add rich data to make impactful experiences

Milestone Local makes it easy to enhance your listing with images, compelling descriptions, hours of operation, holiday schedules, review, and FAQs. Accurate and consistent information is distributed to hundreds of channels and with full support for multi-location businesses.
  • Enhanced listings for a richer search presence
  • Go beyond UNAP with hours, photos, services, FAQs, categories, and more
  • Manage thousands of business locations quickly and easily
Vertical/industry Specific channels in Milestone Local

Focus on quality partners that matter-Reach millions of consumers on any device

Milestone Local puts you in front of the right channels every time. Take your local search efforts beyond the ordinary with the best channels and a high vertical focus on industry-specific channels that matter most.
  • Focus on the channels that matter most for business data distribution
  • Vertical-specific channels like TripAdvisor, Expedia, etc.
Eliminate Duplicates and Bad data with Milestone Local

Eliminate duplicates and bad data-We stay on top of your data when it breaks and clean it proactively

Business data changes all the time. Sometimes it's because of actual business changes, but often it's due to cross-contamination between local ecosystem directories. Milestone Local gives you the best mix of automatic and manual monitoring to keep your listings clean and accurate.
  • API-based and service-based updates ensure accurate data - always
  • Updates and changes sent in real time to key partners
  • Proactive removal of duplicates, through direct contact with Google, and Bing, etc.
  • Duplicate deletion, not suppression, so old duplicates don't return
Manage Multiple Outlets in One Location through Milestone Local

Multiple outlets in one location-Your restaurants, ATMs, or store within a store

Milestone Local solution is ideal for those who have multiple outlets in the same location. You can provide easy data verification to outlets, ensuring listings are not flagged as duplicates or bad listings.
  • List locations within a location, like bank ATMs or hotel restaurants
  • Prevent multi-locations from being flagged as bad data
Milestone Local Always Stays Ahead of Search Algorithm Changes

Stay current with the ever-changing world of search-We don't just update your data, we update the formats

Milestone does the hard work of monitoring not just your data, but the formats that are best suited to submit data to our partners, so you are never caught unaware.
  • We proactively change data submission formats as needed
  • Milestone Local always stays ahead of search algorithm changes
Manage Your Online Reputation with Milestone Reviews

Manage reviews and control your message

Manage your online reputation with Milestone Reviews. Our reviews management system lets businesses monitor reviews and social media buzz and easily interact with their customers through a single, integrated single interface.
  • Manage reviews from all channels in one easy dashboard
  • Review and post responses directly in Milestone Social
  • Gain insights and actions with analytics and KPIs
  • Automate your review management workflow
  • Stay on top with competitive benchmarking
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