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Analyze Your SEO Health & Grow Your Business with Competitor Analysis Software

Milestone Insights is a competitive intelligence dashboard that gives your business a comprehensive look at digital health and competitive performance. It lets you analyze your universal digital presence against your top local competitors, discover content opportunities, identify technology gaps, and review performance across channels - organic, local search, social, paid, and reviews. Get actionable insights into strategies we can implement to promote and grow your business. All in a single, easy-to-use, cloud-based platform.
  • Monitor universal search saturation and digital channels versus your competition
  • Analyze your keyword ranking against your competitors and identify gaps and opportunities.
  • Health check your site technology, including technical SEO, page speed, and backlink analysis.
Digital Competitor Analysis through Milestone Insights

Digital competitor analysis tools for your total landscape

Get a heads-up overview of your digital landscape with an intuitive, easy to use dashboard that puts all the relevant metrics and trends at your fingertips. Mobile and website health, speed, SEO visibility, and voice-search readiness help you understand and analyze your competitive reach and performance.
Measure your Social Outreach, Engagement and Performance with Milestone Insights

Social awareness

Is your social content compelling? Are you getting shares? Spot opportunities for growth and measure your social outreach, engagement and performance in seconds.
Measure Page Speed and Site Health with Milestone Insights

In-depth site audit

Measure page speed and site health and see how well search engines can find and rank your content - all at the click of a button. Identify content and optimization opportunities and analyze the depth of your structured data.
Analysis Website Mobile Health through Milestone Insights

Mobile health

Gain insights into your mobile speed, understand opportunities for growth, and measure the depth of execution for your Google AMP pages.
Keyword Ranking and Analysis Reports in Milestone Sights

Keyword analysis

Get in-depth keyword ranking and analysis reports, including keyword comparisons with top competitors, to help you identify gaps and opportunities for content development. See what's trending and how your SEO efforts are contributing to your reach, engagement and profitability.
Backlinks Analysis from Milestone Insights

Link analysis

See where your backlinks are coming from and gain insights into domain authority and link quality to ensure your organic traffic is optimized.
Local Health Check using Milestone Insights Analysis

Local health check

Stay on top of the health of your local-search ecosystem. Spot problems and uncover opportunities to increase audience engagement by fixing inaccurate information or inconsistent listings.
Depth Analysis of Paid Search Campaigns through Milestone Insights

Paid search check

Tap into the in-depth analysis of your paid search campaigns, including top competitors bidding on your name, competitive keyword analysis and keyword position over time.
Measure Your Digital Performance using Milestone Insights

Competitive benchmarking

Measure your digital performance against top competitors across 10 core metrics, including page speed, social performance, PPC and organic traffic.
Depth Audit of Digital Presence in Milestone Insights

Digital presence audit

Create an in-depth audit of your digital presence in just a few minutes. Easily compare how your business stacks up in the digital ecosystem against your top competitors.
Deliver Custom Reports to Users from Milestone Revamp

Information when you need it

Deliver custom reports to users when they need them by automating the delivery of information and data.
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