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What voice search is used most?

The current trends indicate that voice-search is witnessing exponential growth in adoption. While over 27% of the global online population are already using voice search on mobile, researchers claim that 58% of the US population had performed a local business search using voice on mobiles. Also, 75% of smart speaker users perform voice search for local businesses every week and 53% of users do it daily Here are some of the top uses of voice search:
  • Quick facts
  • Weather forecast & news
  • Research products or services
  • Ask for directions
  • Play music or stream videos
  • Place order online
  • Make reservations in restaurants or cab service
Current trends indicate that voice search is being increasingly used to look for local businesses and for shopping. In fact, 2 out of 3 top voice search types are related to shopping. So, if you have a location-based business, you should optimize for voice search by focusing your efforts on voice-optimized content that trigger featured snippets.
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What voice search is used most?
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