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What schema types are best for voice search?

To appear in voice search results, you should optimize your website for Featured Snippets. With schemas, search engines understand your content better and thus displays your business in position zero or as a rich snippet or featured snippet. This makes schemas a very important strategy for performing well in voice searches.
To understand which schema types are most effective for voice search, lets first look at commonly asked voice search question types that are relevant for local businesses:
  • 'Ask for' directions
  • 'Near me' searches
  • Research product or service
Trends indicate that voice search users are increasingly searching for local results. Keeping the above questions in mind, it's essential that your business implements the following schemas:
  • Speakable Schema: Currently intended for use in news articles, the Speakable schema indicates that a particular section of the web page is "Speakable". This schema is utilized by voice assistants to "speak" the text using text-to-speech conversion.
  • Local Business and its specific types: This is perhaps the most critical schema to indicate that the content is about a local business and relevant for ‘near me' searches. Local Business schema has many specific types (such as AutomotiveBusiness, FinancialService, MedicalBusiness, Store, ProfessionalService) and you need to identify the type that suits your business the most. Include useful properties such as openingHours.
  • Product Schema: Useful to indicate that the content is about any product or service that you offer. Includes useful properties such as aggregateRating, offers, sku, reviews
  • FAQ Schema: FAQ schema is useful in implementing FAQ markup. FAQ markups are especially useful for appearing as FAQ rich snippets - that occupy a lot of real estate on the search page, and lead to high CTR. Especially useful in voice searches.
  • How to Schema: Similar to FAQ schema, the ‘How-To' schema mark-up helps you appear for "How to.." text & voice searches.
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What schema types are best for voice search?
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