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Why is Milestone good at FAQ and schema?

Milestone doesn't stop at just helping our client create trustworthy FAQs or add schemas to their website content, but by being a thought leader, we ensure that our clients get the best of both these entwined worlds and emphasize on the brand's visibility on search results and be the pick of voice search assistants. Our FAQ Manager does more than just being a platform to author business content, but on a single platform, our clients can:
  • View customer reviews from multiple channels and location, crowdsource questions and ideas using various tools and arrange the most apt questions and answers for your business and even bulk upload questions
  • Bulk publish FAQs on multiple channels ensuring content is managed efficiently and accurately
  • Create FAQs wrapped with schemas with the right intent and publish verified answers for it to be picked by voice assistants
  • Our FAQ Manager tool comes with multi-channel support and integration - Milestone CMS, Chatbots, Voice Apps - Alexa and Assistant, Google My Business (GMB) and Yelp
Though schemas are influential for content to be displayed as a rich snippet or featured snippets, only a small portion of websites across the globe have schema tags and a miniscule amount of those websites have advanced schemas - which set the platform for the content to be picked as a voice search answer or displayed as a featured snippet or rich result. Milestone's Schema Cloud aids clients through the whole process of tagging schemas and lots more to ensure the process is not a burden anymore. It carries out the following functions:
  • Auto discovery of Page URLs that need schemas tags. The tool can auto discover up to 1 million URLs
  • Point at the website content and click to tag with schemas
  • One-click validation and deployment of schemas
  • Continuous health check of schemas added with error and warnings notifications. Raises alerts for deprecated schemas and ensures that the schema vocabulary is up to date
  • Powerful Recommendation Engine to assist clients when adding schema tags using auto suggest and predictive methods
  • Bulk application of schemas to similar pages even by the thousands
  • Integration with any CMS across the globe, Google Tag Manager, Adobe Tag Manager, and E-commerce Integration as well
  • Top-notch reporting to check performance and impact. Clients can check impact by page/data type, rich result growth, universal saturation, and segment reporting showcases schema impact, errors and warning
Both these tools are in complete sync with Google direction to optimize for entities rather than keywords, which they made clear with the BERT algorithm. The FAQs will help your business create conversational and relevant content, while schemas will function in entity recognition as it gives search engine bots a clear context of the website content and relationship between entities.
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Why is Milestone good at FAQ and schema?
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